Why The Digital Economy Is The Best Business Model

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Digital economy best model


The Internet has made it possible for the average person to start an online business and create their own personal and financial freedom by becoming their own boss. There is no better way to reach prospects anywhere in the world with the click of a button.


Small business and start-ups continue to improve their levels of success by exploiting the power on the digital economy in ways that a few years ago where not possible. The amount of work required to do business online versus the traditional economy is fractional in comparison. So much of your online business can be automated that you can literally run a business 24/7 for 365 days a year without even having your laptop switched on.


This article is based on my point of view and my online business experience over the last 2-3 years. This is when I started taking the digital economy seriously and identified it as the best vehicle for me to create personal and financial freedom with my own business. I have tried numerous things using different models but one thing became clear… Identify your vision, figure out a way to monetize it in the digital economy and you will have a winning formula.


I have tried multi-level marketing and although I had some success, I soon realized that all I was doing was helping someone else build their dream instead of working on building my own. I am not saying this model was a failure but, it did not fit in with my vision which was to have my own online business on my terms. I was not looking for a business that relied on getting new members to join so that I could earn my commission.

Provide value

My vision was based on helping as many people as possible build the lifestyle of their dreams through providing valuable, up-to-date information to help them develop firstly their personal strength and then use that to build a sound online business based on their passion. I wanted to build a business where I could share my knowledge, experiences, skills and resources. We all have talents that others look to obtain and this was my business model.


Think about it this way… everything you have learnt and know in life was through either seeing someone else doing it or hearing about how someone else did it. I have always believed that if you are looking to learn a certain skill, find someone who is already doing it successfully, find out how they did it then, model that to achieve your own success.


My business model is not based on selling per say but rather on sharing valuable information that can help others achieve personal and financial freedom on their terms. By providing valuable information to others, I create a trust relationship with prospects and when I do eventually make them an offer, they are more likely to reach for their wallets as what they have acquired from me to date has been of value.

Provide value

The art of selling is more the art of relationship building and I find those who create the strongest relationships with their prospects, are the most successful in turning those prospects to customers. It doesn’t end there as, those who then nurture the relationship with their customers, convert them to loyal customers for years to come.


I have found though that so many people fail in their online business due to the shiny object syndrome (as I like to refer to it). This is where you find a website offering you the latest, most successful way to make money overnight. I have to be honest with you here and confess that I too have fallen for this however, I realized in time that all I was doing was once again helping someone else build their dreams and… in the end I was not making money overnight and in some cases, no money at all.


I once again pulled myself back to my vision and decided once and for all that I would focus on building my own business on my terms no matter what it took. I was no longer willing to support others in achieving their dreams, it was time build realize my own dreams.

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It was at this point that I started my search for online successful entrepreneurs who would be willing to not only share their knowledge, tools and resources with me but, also support me in building my own online business. At the time the thought of where I would find such a mentor did cross my mind but, as I had decided I would no longer build someone else’s business, I was not prepared to give up the search.


My conviction to stick to my dream paid off as I eventually found a community of successful online entrepreneurs whose vision was perfectly aligned with mine which is… to help as many people as possible achieve personal and financial freedom on their terms.


I still remember that day clearly and I admit that taking the step to join their community scared me to the core but, my intuition was telling me that I had found the match for my own vision so I took the plunge and I can now say with hand on heart… It was the best most important decision I have made and I have never looked back since.


Determine your vision, create your mission then find someone who is willing to provide you with the training, knowledge, tools, resources and support you are looking for to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

You can and… with action… you will!


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