Why Did You Choose The Digital Economy Over The Traditional Economy?

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That is a good question and one I have been asked many times.


This is not a decision I took lightly as at the time I was looking at leaving a 27 year corporate career for something I had very little knowledge about.


If I had to choose one specific reason it would be that I watched social media posts about the challenges the traditional economy was facing such as the UK leaving the EU, the situation in the US with Donald Trump and something very close to my heart…the situation in South Africa.


All these matters are affecting the traditional economy in ways that the average person does not have the ability to change and will in the short and long term affect people’s financial status.


I was looking for a way to create personal and financial freedom on my terms and I decided the best way to do that was to find successful online entrepreneurs and learn from them.

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This was not easy as there are many websites online offering your financial freedom but, what I found is that most of them are looking for people to market their business or system which in fact, only makes them financially free and not me.


I knew deep down inside that there had to be a way because there are others doing it so I continued my search over months and months of trial and error until I eventually found mentors who were willing to share their knowledge and skills with me and support me while I learn the skills required to start my own online business on my terms.

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The education process that followed allowed me to identify my strengths, my skills and what I had to offer in order for me to create my own business. You see, my mentors were not concerned with me marketing their system. Their focus was on providing me with the knowledge and skills to develop myself as an entrepreneur.


That for me was the deciding factor because for too long I had been building someone else’s dream and it was now time to build my own.


The next big factor would be that the digital economy provides me with an opportunity to earn an income online from a global community. All I need is a laptop and an internet connection and I have the means to earn an income from anywhere in the world.


That provides me with the leverage I need to scale my online business and increase my revenue irrespective of what is happening with the economy of the country I live in at the time.


This is something that is not possible in the traditional economy. To earn more money in the traditional economy you either have to work longer hours or take on a second job. That doesn’t in any way provide the personal and financial freedom I was looking for.


So coming back to the question of why I chose the digital economy over the traditional economy….that’s easy….personal and financial freedom.


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