What Is A Wantrepreneur?

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What is a wantrepreneur


A wantrepreneur is someone who truly wants to be a business owner, wants a sense of freedom and looks to add value to people in some way.


In most cases, they need a little help from someone who has more experience in doing what they want to do.


The main things they’re missing are; proper motivation, direction and the right daily actions to take to become an ACTUAL entrepreneur.


Proper Motivation isn’t usually something material like a big house, private yacht or cool car. The kind of motivation I’m talking about takes more time to figure out.


Think about your life, 5, 10, 20 years from now, visualize and list the things you want to accomplish and want to be known for doing. Once you’ve got a list, start asking yourself “How” and “Why” you want these things in your life.


Get excited about the things that really excite you and find ways to keep them on your mind each day so you’ll stay excited.


Direction is going to come from either trial and error or a mentor. Having a person there to help guide you is VERY valuable and will keep your aggravation levels down tremendously.


One of the many pitfalls wantrepreneurs fall into is becoming “too busy” with things. You never hear of a wantrepreneur becoming “too productive”… The little things that wantrepreneurs end up getting “too busy” with are things like; catchy business names, logos, business cards, registering a company, little stuff like that.


The real focus should be on providing value to your customer by solving a REAL problem they have or making something more convenient for them. And having the right person there to keep your focus in the right areas is a must.


And lastly, Daily Action is a MUST! If you look at all of the extremely wealthy entrepreneurs and business owners, they ALL live by routines that keep them focused on their goals.


Taking focused daily action toward the goals you’ve made is how you’re going to achieve those things you’ve envisioned for yourself 5, 10 and 20 years from now. And taking daily action is completely on you, that’s why having the proper motivation and direction in place will make it that much easier.


Wantrepreneurs get a bad rap from a lot of people and I don’t think they should. They’re people with the same desires and ambitions that entrepreneurs have.


They just need to get out of their own way, need some direction/focus or have to get a little more experience. I think most entrepreneurs go through a wantrepreneur phase that’s kind of a learning/incubation phase and we shouldn’t beat up wantrepreneurs for not knowing what they don’t know or for needing someone to guide them to where they want to be.


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