Website Development Strategies – Issue 5 (Final Issue)

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How Much Advertising Should Be on Your Website?

If you start getting good traffic on your website, why not put up some advertising to make money? This is what many new website owners believe, but it could be hurting them. Online advertising isn’t what it used to be. Web users are becoming more savvy and sophisticated.

They are ignoring banners and other ads. It’s a concept known as ad blindness. In the early days of the web, you simply had to send traffic to your ad-enabled website, and you were sitting pretty as far as revenue was concerned. This is no longer the case. It’s a good idea for new webmasters to keep the advertising to a minimum, if at all.

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Initially, your website is  not established. Google doesn’t like websites that focus primarily on making money. Instead, if you focus on creating value for your readers, you will gain authority. Google will notice this authority and reward you with better rankings.

As your website increases its rankings and authority, you can slowly incorporate some advertising where it makes sense. Make sure when you add your advertising to test its effectiveness. Test where on the page it works the best and which ads are doing better than others.

You can use the concepts of split testing and click through rates to get this information. Many advertising platforms allow you to add code to certain pages to determine the conversions of the ad placement. If you find that your advertising is not bringing you a good return, find other ways to make money with your website.

Conversion rate

An alternative to advertising is affiliate sales. You contract with major companies, such as Target, WalMart, etc. They give you a coded link that you place on your website. Usually, this link is incorporated into the content on your website. If visitors click on that link and purchase products as a result, you receive a commission from the vendor.

If you decide to use any form of advertising, and/or affiliate sales, make sure it is relevant to the theme of your website. You will confuse readers if you advertise baby carriages on a website about Forex Investing. Sometimes, you can connect products in a unique and innovative manner. But, it should always fit into the message of your website.

Whatever monetization strategy you decide upon, make your number one objective offering value to your readers. This could be in the form of offering reviews on products, revealing scams, or it could simply be an update to what is going on in your life.

Reverse Engineer Other Successful Websites

Reverse engineering

People try to emulate others when they are learning new skills or concepts. If you play guitar, you observe famous guitar players to pick up some techniques. The same is true of sports. This concept can be applied to just about any endeavor.

The same is true when creating your website and is something webmasters forget to do early on. Find authoritative websites with high rankings and break them apart to see what they are doing. Pay attention to every little detail, including the design elements, the wording, and the type of graphics shown on the site.

If you want to save time, you can look for the designers of the websites you are observing. If they are published on the website, you could simply reach out to these designers and get some pricing for your website. Make sure you have a clear plan of what type of site you want. It could be modeled after the authority sites if you want.

If you decide to do it yourself, it is still a good idea to dissect these authority websites to learn what has made them successful. Take notes along with plenty of screenshots. Ask yourself if the navigation seems intuitive and if so, use that as a guideline for your own design.

Inspect image

It shouldn’t even need to be mentioned, but this doesn’t mean to copy anyone else’s website. It’s okay to use them as a reference. But if you copy the site verbatim, you could find yourself in some legal hot water. Besides, it doesn’t do you any good as readers will pick up on the tactic and so will search engines.

By the way, you are allowed to use the same theme if it is available to anyone. For instance, if you and an authority site both use the same WordPress theme, and you both have rights to use it, this is entirely acceptable, and you will notice similar themes when you browse the web.

The caveat about copying the site refers to the assets included within the site, i.e., the content, graphics, videos, etc. The reason why many webmasters skip this reverse engineering idea is because it is time-consuming and boring. But, the benefits outweigh these time-consuming tasks.

You will learn a lot about web design as well as proper content and graphic placement. Make sure you use this technique across several highly rated websites. Each one will have components that you may not have thought to use had you stuck to just one authority website.

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