Website Development Strategies – Issue 3

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Getting Help for Your Website

Running a website takes up a lot of time. You need to create new content. Then, you need to promote that content after you publish it. The content has to be really good in this competitive environment. If yours is not, another website with better content is right around the proverbial corner. A good plan may be to seek out the help of others.



This will be the most expensive option and one that is not completely necessary. But, it probably will be the quickest. Plus, the fact that you are paying for your content means that you can be strict about the standards you receive. If you don’t like what someone is producing, you can either ask for improvements or find someone else.

College Internships

One dilemma college students face when graduating is not having any experience. How do they get experience when they haven’t been in the workplace? If you advertise an internship, you can have them help you with your website, and they can get that much-needed experience. You may even be able to work with the school so that the student can get college credits for the work.

Guest Posts

Guest post

When your website gets a bit more known, you may find people starting to reach out to you to write for your website. They will do it for free in exchange for a byline which points back to their website. This can be a great way to get content created for your website and gives the guest poster some exposure to his or her website. One thing you want to stay away from, however, is guest posting exchanges. These have been recently frowned upon in the search engines.

Public Domain Information

Public Domain information is freely available to anyone for the taking. You can do as you choose with it, including commercial endeavors. There are several rules as to when something becomes part of the Public Domain, and you should seek out the advice of a qualified professional. There are entire courses and books dedicated to this topic.

Private Label Rights

PLR image

A Private Label Rights (PLR) product is one where valid holders of those products can use them as specified by the PLR agreement. These rights vary across the product creators. But, they often allow you to alter the content, sell it to others, and use them as giveaways for list building. If you decide to use these for your website, make sure you are allowed to do so and that you can modify them to enhance their value.

Great Resources for Website Owners

The following are some resources that website owners can use to get the most out of their websites. Be aware that these resources can change over time and others are constantly coming onto the scene.

Grammar Resources

Grammar image

Readers take you much more seriously when your website doesn’t contain grammar errors. The two biggest resources website owners can start with are: and Both have free and paid versions. Start out with the free versions and as your website becomes more established, you can decide if you want to upgrade.


It’s never a good idea to copy the work of others. It is okay to reference short segments of other people’s work as long as you give them credit. This is a copyright term known as fair use. However, if you want to ensure your documents have not been published elsewhere use

Amazon and Kindle

Amazon logo

Amazon has a large amount of resources available to website owners. If you are in the beginning stages of your website, you will need to learn much about what needs to be done. They also have several resources for advanced website owners. Keep in mind that you can also use Kindle books as ideas on what to write about for your niche. There are thousands of books available in just about
any category. Sometimes, all that is needed is to scan the table of contents to generate an idea or two for your website.

Udemy has many classes available for website owners. Udemy offers courses for free as well as paid options. When seeking paid options, make sure you search online for coupons as you can get large discounts for courses that you take. Sometimes, those coupons knock down the price to $0, which obviously means it’s free.

Be sure to check back soon for Issue 4 in this series of articles.

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