Tips To Keep You Going; Motivation vs. Inspiration

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In order to do our best work consistently and to achieve the goals and success we want to achieve, we have to be able to push through the challenges and difficulties that life presents to us.  Sometimes, this can wear us down to where we are not as eager to do the things we need to do in order to achieve the goals and success we want to achieve.


We need to keep our motivation high in order to more easily achieve the goals we want to achieve, and, sometimes, inspiration can help us to gain the motivation that we need to succeed.  Learn more about how motivation and inspiration can help you to achieve success below.


Motivation is the drive for us to succeed.  It is what causes us to do the things that we do.  For instance, if you are motivated to have a clean, healthy environment for yourself, your family, and for future generations, you will be driven to do everything possible to protect and preserve the environment.


This means you will want to recycle everything possible and ensure you are not dumping any waste into the waterways when you are camping or burning any toxic materials when you are outside, etc.  However, it can be hard to stay motivated if you hear companies are continuing to pollute the air in the name of higher profits and continue to bypass the laws intended to protect the environment; you may even think, “what does it matter if I do my part when other people aren’t?”


This can cause you to cut back on your own conservation efforts.


Inspiration is when someone else does a noteworthy action that lifts your spirit and willpower to do greater things yourself.  For instance, you could be inspired by a young child suffering from a terminal or debilitating disease or condition, yet never complains and tries to do his/her part to make the world a better place.


It could be taking out his/her own garbage or going around the neighborhood collecting cans and other material that can be recycled.  Seeing such a person who is dealing with greater challenges than you are, yet is continuing to do his/her part to help the environment can help to inspire you to raise your efforts to preserve the environment, even when it seems your efforts are going for naught.


As you can see, motivation is the drive for us to succeed, while inspiration is lifting our spirit and willpower up (and, in turn, our motivation) when someone else does a remarkable action.  Oftentimes, that person is dealing with extraordinary challenges, often more than our own, yet doesn’t complain or make excuses, but continues to perform tasks to achieve a great goal, one that often resonates with us.


Motivation and inspiration can help to empower us to achieve our best work consistently and to achieve our goals.


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