The Value Of Money – My Aha Moment!

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The value of money


We have all heard the saying that ‘Money makes the world go around’ and as true as that is, I would like to put my own spin on it based on my personal experience and that is…


“How you use your money determines how you experience your world!”.


We all need money to survive and therefore, that becomes our focus the moment we leave school and enter the working world. My experience has been that placing the wrong value on money can turn your world upside-down no matter how much you have.


Money Has No Value


The value of money


If you think about it, money has no value until you use it in exchange for goods or services. Besides that, it is just a piece of metal or paper with a number on it. If you do not use it, there is no value.


Now that does not mean you should not save, don’t get me wrong. Investing and saving is part of securing your financial freedom but, what I am talking about here is what value YOU place on money.


My Experience


The value of money


Let me demonstrate this using my own experience. In the last year, I had a career and life-changing event that rocked me to my foundations. That meant my financial security was being put at risk so as we do in these circumstances, money became my focus.


I decided to take my own destiny into my hands by building my own personal and financial freedom in the Digital Economy. Once I obtained the right education coupled with the tools and resources I needed, I started building my own online business based on something I love.


With the amazing support, I received from the community of successful online entrepreneurs I was now a member of, I was well on my way to secure my future.


Part of my entrepreneurial journey included reading books from successful entrepreneurs and coaches and the two books that provided me with my Aha moment were “Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power” and “Wealth Beyond Reason” by Bob Doyle.


The Law Of Attraction


The value of money


I have been a fan of the Law of Attraction since 2007 when I was introduced to The Secret and since then, I have used many of the learning I got from personal development through reading.


My key takeaway from these last two books was that you get what you focus on with passion and commitment. I decided to increase my daily meditation which, had provided me with success every time I used it.


My meditation was based on music with instructions and those instructions were in my own voice which I recorded. The message was to focus on my vision and what I wanted. I was meditating twice a day.


The Results Speak For Themselves


The value of money


Within 2 weeks of my increased meditation practice, I started seeing results that I was told would happen but, did not necessarily believe it would happen that quick.


This is where my Aha moment on my value of money came in. you see, I had previously been focusing on how much money I needed to make in order to achieve my vision. There is nothing wrong with that but, the true value is actually what I would achieve with that money.


Through my entrepreneurial journey, I had determined that my purpose was to help as many people as possible awaken the entrepreneur within and this is what my online business is based on.


My Aha moment came when I shifted my focus from what I was going to do with my money, to what impact I would have on others by using my money wisely. You see, my focus was no longer on how much money I wanted to make but, rather on how much good I could do with the money I make.


My Purpose Defined


The value of money


Money was no longer my driving force and the Universe started to provide me with what I needed to achieve what I wanted to do. You guessed it, money!


Within weeks I received a rebate from the tax department which, I had no idea I was due. I received a notice from my insurance company that I was receiving a rebate for being claim free for 3 years, something I had completely forgotten about. I received a letter in the post from my bank informing me that my credit card limit was being increased and I received notice from a forgotten loyalty program that I had money due to me.


It was almost like magic. By making a subtle shift of my focus, I started seeing almost immediate results.


This now brings me back to what I have said earlier. What value we place on money determines how successful we are in life. Y shifting my focus from how much money I wanted, to what good I was going to do with that money and how I could impact others in a positive way, I started experiencing success and… because of the good, I was doing with my money… the feeling of living a life of purpose was out of this world!


It is not how much money you make or have that determines how fulfilled you are… it is what you do with it that matters! My Aha moment has started shifting me towards my vision at a pace I had heard was possible but, had not yet experienced. This was now changing at a rapid pace.


Don’t let money rule your life… let your purpose drive you to achieve your dreams and your legacy will be of value to those whose lives you impact!


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