The Art Of Sales Funnels – Issue 4 (Final Issue)

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How to fast track your sales funnel creation

Do your market research right. That means forgetting about yourself and putting yourself in the place of your customer. What do they want from your sales funnel?

Forget about what you think is great about it, and start thinking like your customer. You may focus on how your vacuum cleaner is so powerful it can suck freshly spilled wine from your carpet, but what size is it and how economical is it? Your customer may want a vacuum cleaner that fits in their utility closet or doesn’t use much power.

Add the most stupid simple, one-click payment option you can to your website. That includes making said payment option mobile responsive. The use of the internet on mobile devices continues to rise on a monthly basis and shows no sign of slowing down.

Sites that minimize the requirement to jump through hoops are maximizing on purchases from mobile devices, where users are more likely to drop out rather than continue the purchase when faced with multiple steps in the buying process. Keep sales and marketing separate.

The term “sales and marketing” gets bandied about quite a lot – and almost always treated as if they are the same department. They’re not. The role of your marketing department is to gain and nurture leads, and the sales department are responsible for taking orders.

High end product

The majority of the work belongs to the marketing department, who should help shape the customer’s awareness of the product before the sales department takes over. Follow up with leads continually. Don’t allow a gap anywhere in your funnel where a CTA is missing for the next step. Always Be Closing.

Not in the old-fashioned sense of pressure selling, but in the modern application, of always being there for your customer. Hire the best copywriter you can afford. A good copywriter can look at your sales pages and eliminate the unnecessary copy, ditch the parts that focus on features where benefits are more suitable, and more.

Having a clear and distinct purpose for each landing page in your funnel is vital. Challenge objections head on. If you ignore objections or try to sweep them under the carpet, you’re going to start worrying every time you get close to a sale.

why goals fail

You’re also going to lack the real confidence you need that your customer isn’t going to come back to you the day after they have bought from you, requesting a refund. Finally, you can’t do all this alone. Outsource where you lack the proper skills. It’s a small investment in your long term profitability.

How to Drive Traffic to your Online Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is like a spider’s web, carefully constructed to lure your ideal prey (customer) into your web and sticky enough that they can’t possibly escape.

But how do you attract the right visitors?

The lead magnet

We can only assume that you have put the necessary time and thought into your landing and squeeze pages. If not, do so before you drive traffic to them. Always test your funnel. Understanding how traffic responds to your landing page is vital. Without an optimal funnel, traffic is useless. You could drive thousands of visitors a day only to end up with no sales to show for it. Once you have your site optimized, it’s time to drive traffic!

Where from?

Wherever it already exists is usually a good place to start. Where does your audience hang out? This answer is the one that almost every online business knows and understands, yet they rarely take the time to take full advantage of.

Q&A Sites and Forums

social engagement

The internet is awash with forums, social groups, fan pages and blogs dedicated to some aspect of your business. Even if you were in the vacuum cleaner business – an example of something very unsexy for the sake of demonstration – there are question and answer sites where people look for information about their intended purchases.

The point of joining a forum or answering questions on blogs and Q&A sites is twofold. Not only do you position yourself as an authority, but you create backlinks to your website and when your answer appears on a highly trafficked site as a result of a question that gets a high volume of searches – you siphon some of that traffic back to your website.

Social Media Traffic

Traffic from social media can be free or paid – often a combination works best. Just what blend of free vs. paid you use will depend on your business. Special offers are almost always shared by users and only require enough paid advertising dollars to get them to a tipping point, whereas other posts may require a more consistent budget.

Test paid advertising on social media, but only do so where your audience already hangs out. This is the crux of traffic plans.

You may hear that Google Plus or Pinterest has driven thousands of dollars’ worth of business to a particular business, but unless your market spend their time on those sites, there’s little point in blindly following suit.

Lead Magnets

Always have something to offer in return for your reader’s email address. This is highly effective if its value is such that your existing traffic feels it is valuable enough to share with their peers, effectively extending the reach of your campaign.

There’s nothing new in traffic generation, yet many marketing gurus like to pretend they have secret sources. Test what works for you and keep doing it.


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