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Theresa May announced in her Brexit speech that the UK will leave the EU single market. I am sure that in the coming weeks and months there will be numerous discussions on how this will impact the UK. The question I want you to consider is… How will this impact you?

I doubt anyone will argue that there is going to be without a doubt an impact on the population of the UK, the EU and many others in some form or another. Where the argument will come in is on whether the impact will be negative or positive. Let’s be realistic here for a minute… no-one can state with any certainty on what that impact will be and whether it will be negative or positive.

I put it to you that it would be foolish to sit around and wait to find out what the impact will be and then take action. I would like to recommend you consider what action you can take today to mitigate or even remove the risk to you.

One way I highly recommend is that you start generating passive income online now and by the time this drama unfolds, you will be in a position of financial independence and the impact on you will be minimized if not averted completely.

How Can You Generate Passive Income Online?

Lately, I have been meeting many business owners who have questions about multiple and passive income streams. These are business owners just like you – coaches, web designers, consultants and other solo professionals. They charge a very nice hourly rate, but when they are not working with clients, they don’t get paid.

How can you change this and how can you create this for yourself? How can you make money continuously, whether or not you are working with clients. Would it improve your lifestyle and increase your profits if you could have consistent streams of income coming in from sales of your e-books and CDs, workshop bookings and commissions? These are called multiple income streams because they are in addition to you regular income stream, and they are called passive because you create many of the products once. Once you create them, you can replicate them and sell them in perpetuity.

Let’s look at different income streams that a business owner like you can generate:

– Digital products. As a professional who works with customers, you already know what your customers are interested in as well as the information they are looking for.

Turn this information into a sellable product by publishing and selling it. Depending on the topic and the information, you can create digital products of various lengths.

– Audio Products can be delivered in two different formats. They can be instantly downloaded from your web site any number of popular audio formats, or you could burn them onto a CD and physically ship the product.

Either way is a great way to go since many people like to listen to information instead of reading it.

– Teleclasses. Teaching classes over the phone is a good way to demonstrate your expertise to many people at once and to offer your coaching or consulting sessions at a lower price point.

Material taught and discussed during tele-classes can be re-used to create tips booklets, special reports and audio products.

– Workshops. Same as tele-classes, workshops can be used to teach to many people at once, instead of doing one on one sessions.

– Affiliate Programs. There are two different ways to use affiliate programs as another income stream:

1. Creating an Affiliate Program for your products, thus, sharing product products with people who refer new customers to you, and helping them create an additional income stream.

2. Recommending Other People’s Products, though their affiliate program, thus creating another income stream for yourself and your business.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to turn your expertise into products, and generate additional income with it. If you are just starting out, pick one or two different product types, and work on them. Than, add a few more, and you will have different income streams created in no time.

Generating passive income online is possible for anyone by joining the digital economy.

If you want to start building your passive income online today then follow this link where you will find out how you too can benefit from the digital economy.



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I am sure this topic will provide for many interesting discussions globally with some supporting this move and others rejecting it. I prefer not to comment on whether I think it is a good thing or not because being unemployed is one of the most challenging positions to be in but, I would like to offer a different view on this topic.

We have all heard that saying at some stage in our lives and if not, you will eventually hear it. I respect that the decision was made in an effort to reduce poverty but as the proverb above states… I would like to expand on it in this manner…

Would the amount of $587 (as indicated in the article by The Guardian) not be better spent in providing the unemployed with tools they could use to improve their own employment status?

There have been numerous articles on governments reducing these types of social schemes as in a lot of cases, they are abused and in actual fact do not motivate the unemployed to change their status as in some cases (not all), being unemployed is manageable due to the grants being handed out.

I just feel that providing the unemployed with the necessary, relevant, effective education to help them realize their own true potential to do and be anything they wish… would be a better long term investment in their financial status as well as that of the general population.

I speak from experience as I have found myself unemployed 3 times in my working life but with support from family and friends (moral not financial), I was able to find whatever work I could and then work myself back up to where I was and in fact, every time I was better off then prior to losing my work.

This is not to pat myself on the back but it was through personal development techniques and resources and belief in myself, that I was able to build myself up again and find the success I felt I deserved and craved for. Should we not be investing in personal development of the unemployed rather than handing out cash?

Every single person on this earth has something to offer… has talents… has knowledge… has gifts but, during stressful times like being unemployed, we are not able to focus on these strengths.

I am certain that if governments and institutions provided conditions for the unemployed to either leverage their skills or develop new skills, the unemployed would be better equipped to change their employment status without being too much of a burden on their country’s coffers.

There is nothing wrong with providing those in need with assistance to relieve some of the stress however, I just feel that it could be carried out in a more productive, long term manner which would ultimately benefit everyone in the end.



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Now here is a new spin to an old story. This should get the experts talking. I wonder if this means the Titanic movie we all watched and loved will be released with these latest facts? I am sure there will be more said about this but…. This brings me to the topic of this article…

How Your Success Can Continue Well Into The Future

You have to consider the fact that your success can continue far into the future, but you have to want it to. You have to stop worrying about just today and start thinking about today and tomorrow. You are going to have to think about the ways that you are going to be affected in the future because of the success that you are having right now. You are also going to have to stop thinking about the past. You can’t change the past. You can’t make the past right. The only thing that you can change is today and tomorrow. You need to start thinking about your own procrastination and overcoming procrastination and your spending sins so that you can start thinking about the success that you could have in the future.

The problem with a lot of people is that they are thinkers. They think and plan and plan, but they never take any action for their own success. This is called procrastination. You can’t put things on hold for tomorrow that you could do today, because you will never get anywhere. You will need to take some steps so that you don’t allow procrastination to overtake your possible future success.

First, you are going to have to set yourself some goals and boundaries. The boundaries will actually be deadlines so that you can do things to push yourself forward. Even if you use this sense of thinking for everyday things like laundry and the dishes, because for you to be a success you have to look a success and you have to feel like a success and clutter is just one of the many things that could hold your success back.

Also, if you want to work on your procrastination and your potential success, then you not only have to look successful, but you have to be healthy too. What is the use of having success if you can’t enjoy it! You will need to learn how to keep the body going by watching your calories and your fat intake so that you can keep your heart going strong.

You will also need to allow yourself the time to get rest. A person should have at least seven hours of sleep or more. You need to also work on not just your physical well being, but your mental state. You need to take control of some of the mental issues and also work on being completely healthy. The key is to drink plenty of water, eat healthy, sleep, and exercise.

You also need to think about your confidence level. If you really want to stay a success or find more success you have to avoid being a perfectionist and start thinking about your own self confidence. You will need to make sure that you let go of the negative feelings and replace it with positive feelings. You can do this by having a regular yoga session or having a day of relaxing and recuperation. When you take a day or a step away from business and stress you will find that your live a lot better and find the confidence to reach for success.

As for the financial success, you will need to consider putting some of your income away so that you can live and retire without having to worry about where you are going to get your next meal. By the time you retire your bills should go down.

It is all about being more confident in every aspect of your life by taking control and your attitude greatly affects this.

Secrets of a Positive Attitude

You are what you mentally and spiritually eat. If a person drinks alcohol on a daily basis, odds are their body will be affected in some way. They may have liver issues, develop cancer or incur some other type of health problem directly related to the amount of alcohol they have consumed. In the same way, a person who constantly feeds themselves negative thoughts will simply turn into a negative person.

This is the time to go on a diet. A diet of positive attitude food.

You have to literally stop feeding your mind negative things. Ask yourself is this thought negative or positive? What do negative thoughts look like? Well, they start with can’t rather than can, no as opposed to yes, won’t and not will. The problem in our society has become that our thoughts have taken us captive. We have begun to let our thoughts control us.

A great way to know what we are negative about is to ask those people who are closest to us. You can ask your spouse or another person in your life who really knows you how they would rate your attitude on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being super positive and 1 super negative.

Ask this person to be totally honest with you. You will benefit from their honesty even if it causes you pain. Ask this person what it is that you specifically say that they perceive as negative. Write down what they say and look at the actual words. Now is the time to be honest with yourself. Those words are a reflection of what is inside you. They are who you are. The great thing is that you can change. It is as simple as making a choice to do so. You must decide to replace the thoughts of negativity with thoughts of positivity.

Decide what words you will change the negative words on your paper to. Once you have done this, make an effort to insert these new positive thoughts in your mind. You will begin to notice a positive change taking place in your life. Your family, friends and co-workers will all notice it as well. They may not know what is different about you. But they will know that you are not the same person that you were.

The items which are causing negativity in your life could very well be the news, movies, constantly replaying tragedy in your mind and the list could go on. These things should be eliminated if you want your new mental health regimen to be a success.

The news is very negative and does not help someone who is trying to rid their mind of such thoughts. When you are feeding yourself thoughts of death from a war or gunshot or car accident visually the outcome will be negative. I do believe there is a time to grieve over the death of a loved one. However, if a person constantly replays this negative event in their minds it can lead to depression. The person who has passed away is not coming back and we must close that chapter in our lives and move on to the next chapter. This is a difficult task which can only be done by making a decision to proceed with our own life, no matter how hard this may be.

You can do it. You can and will have a positive attitude, if you simply take the steps outlined above. You do not have to be what you were in the past. You can be different in the future. The choice is yours. I know you will make a positive one.


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Now this is what I call innovation. Microsoft is always looking to push the envelope and take technology to the next level and more importantly, help others with their technology which is what makes a successful, long term business. I believe in the saying that “To get what you want you must help others get what they way!”.

This brings me to the subject of this article…

Innovation – The Lifeblood of Business Success

I once saw a t-shirt that said, “Innovation Or Extinction”. Though cost cutting and efficiency contribute towards the success and growth of any business, it is innovation that is the key factor that drives sustainability and profitability. Only those businesses that continuously offer innovative products, services or processes can enjoy long-term success.

In order to stay ahead of the competition businesses need be innovative at the front-end, which is concept development as well as the back-end, which involves implementation of those concepts. However, this can prove to be problematic for many managers mainly because it is at odds with the analytical and rational processes they have studied in business school.

Innovation is about making non-linear jumps and learning to take the available information and transforming this raw material into workable concepts. That is the secret of why, given the same set of circumstances, many businesses succeed while others fail.

New ideas drive innovation, which if implemented, drives business growth. Globalization has given rise to increasing competition and businesses that do not innovate, can rapidly get left behind in the race to the top.

Without new ideas and new products, consumers could soon get tired of the product or service you are offering and could get tempted to move on to your competition. With no other incentive to be loyal to your product, the consumer will either look for a new product-offering or for a better price. With nothing else to offer, you will be forced to lower your price, decreasing your profit margins. If this strategy still does not manage to lure customers, you will be under pressure to reduce the price further, creating a negative cycle that could be hugely detrimental to your business. The only way to break out of this cycle is to stay continuously innovative and add value to your product.

Businesses that are constantly innovative attract the most talented employees who feel encouraged to show some initiative in voicing new ideas and implementing new processes. If employees are not given the opportunity to create or test their ideas, they will move on to the competition, taking their ideas with them.

It is much more difficult to launch a brand new concept and create a new market than to create a novel way of supplying existing demand and just improve on the basic delivery.

Once you have experience in running and managing a successful business then perhaps the time might be ripe to test your own ideas.

Does higher reward come with higher risk? Perhaps it is better to set your sights slightly lower and build a foundation that can serve as a platform for more risky ventures?

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It is unfortunate that when people have a challenge and something does not go their way, we are quick to jump all over it calling it a “fail”, a “mess” or in this case, a “bungle”…

I prefer to look at it from a different angle… There is no such thing as failure… There are only results!

Let me elaborate on that statement… whenever we do anything, you are going to get a result and that result will either be what you want or not. In either instance you have a result. If that result is not what you wanted, change something and try again. In this case Mariah stopped signing and then picked up from the point where she was in sync. There was no fail, there was a result which she did not want so she changed (stopped singing) and tried again then got the result she wanted.


We all make mistakes (even the best) but we should never let that stop us from moving forward, making changes, keep doing until you get the result you want. There are many, many famous and successful people who never gave up, here are just a few:

  1. At 30 years old, Steve Jobs was left devastated after being removed from the company he started. He overcame all obstacles to become successful and Apple products speak the rest.
  2. Bill Gates actually tried to start a company called Traf-O-Data together with Paul Allen. The product malfunctioned and the demo had too many bugs. He is now the richest man in the world.
  3. Steve Spielberg saw his application to attend movie school rejected many times. Later, his first big hit “Jaws”, saw little support from the movie company, he had a small budget to work with. But he knew what he wanted and seized the opportunity creating one of the best suspense movies of all time with smart filming techniques.
  4. When Harrison Ford started his quest in show biz, he was rejected for a job doing radio voice overs. In his first movie roles he was told by an executive “he’d never succeed in the movie business”. He could have stopped there… But he didn’t. He took any movie job available. He eventually got picked doing lines for actors in Star Wars auditions. The rest is history.

They never gave up, they never let unwanted results stop them… they kept moving forward, trying again, doing something different and the end result from that was… SUCCESS!

There are many more examples of famous people throughout history who failed many times before succeeding.

Accept that you are going to make mistakes because no one is perfect but Never Give Up or let that side track you from what you are trying to achieve. A mistake is an opportunity to learn how to do something different.

Rather then dwelling on the result you did not want, try asking yourself these questions… What can I learn from this? What is another way I can look at this? This will place you in a different thought pattern and you will be looking for the learning out of this result rather than beating yourself up.

When you guide your thoughts in the direction of looking for a solution… you will find it. It may take another failed try or two but eventually you will find it. If however you give up then I guarantee you will never find it because you have just given up the teaching that the last result had in place for you.

If your focus is on what went wrong then you will never find the solution. Change your focus and you will change your results.

You are in complete control of your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings and only by taking Full Control will you be in a position to push past mistakes, push past challenges go over and beyond the goals you have set for yourself.

If something is worth doing… you will find a way to do it and do it right… provided you never allow failure to get in your way!


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