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When we’re trying to build a big following on social media, often we will ask our website visitors and customers to follow us and thereby imply that they’re doing us a favor.


“If you liked this video, then please consider liking us on Facebook – it really helps!”


This is a good strategy and it can certainly lead to a few more likes and shares.


But it’s not the best strategy.


Because if you’re asking people to follow you on social media, then you’re implicitly suggesting that they’re doing you a favor and thus there’s nothing really in it for them.


To get a HUGE number of followers, you need to make them WANT to follow you.


One way you can do this is to do what we’re always taught to do as marketers: to supply value. If you’re posting useful or interesting content, then people should automatically want to follow you to see more of it.


Provide value



But to go further than this, you need to suggest that following you makes someone a VIP – that they are becoming part of an exclusive club or group.


People love to belong and they love to have things that other people can’t have. We love feeling like a part of a privileged group and this is why ‘Gold Memberships’ are so important. It’s not just about what that gold membership gets you: it’s about the status and feeling of importance and belonging that comes from it.


You can create this same kind of identity through your social media by making your brand into more than just a product and instead making it a movement. For example, you’ll find that a lot of fitness and weight loss brands will talk about themselves as ‘The New Fitness Revolution’ or something comparable. Of course people will want to sign up to that! Who wouldn’t want to tell people they’re part of a new revolution? Or to feel like they’re a part of a big movement?


And this has another amazing benefit too: you’re making people feel as though they’re taking a step closer to their goal simply by following you.


When someone makes the decision to get into shape and to look and feel healthier than ever, they will want to do something to cement that decision and to make a statement to that end. Following you is the perfect way to do this!


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One of the biggest challenges that face new and established business owners is marketing their enterprise. Surprisingly enough, this is something that many new entrepreneurs do not take into consideration before they start their business. This one fact alone spells disaster for a new business.

Understanding how to market your online small business:

Understand your market: First, you will need to understand the market you are promoting to. Analyze your visitors. Find out where they go, (which websites they visit,) and what publications they are interested in- this will give you an idea of where to advertise. It will also help you to understand your market’s specific wants and needs so that you will be offering them the right products and services.

Basic promotions to begin with:

Website promotions-search engines: Build an optimized website: when you do this you will be able to take advantage of many cheap website promotions. Make sure you have good optimized content so that you can submit your site to the search engines. You will get good quality ready to buy visitors from search engine traffic.

Article distribution: You should write or have written a variety of articles about your industry. Submit at least 2 per week for article distribution. You will get valuable back links from article distribution. Plus, you will get highly targeted traffic who will convert well to sales.

Free newsletter: Use some articles for your newsletter: build your business list by offering a free newsletter on your website. This is a very valuable list in that you will be able to build up a good relationship with your subscribers so that over time, they will convert to your life long loyal customers.

Start a Google Awards campaign: This is a little tricky, so do some keyword research and read all the tutorials at Google before you begin. Keep a close watch on your campaigns and remember not to bid too high. Understand how many clicks through are converting to sales and adjust your bidding on this knowledge.

These few marketing methods will help you to get a good start on your promotions and allow you to drive good quality traffic to your website. It is very important to plan your promotions carefully and always be testing them.

Budget your promotions: Make sure you have a special budget for your promotions. The most common mistake in small business owners is not taking care of the marketing budget. Keep a certain amount of money aside from your regular business budget to take care of your promotions. Do not expect to make any real money your first 3 months, so budget for this. The above marketing methods are very cost effective, but most will still cost money. Therefore, start with a small amount of money, test, and when you know there is good sales conversion with a promotion, then channel some more money into it.

Do not forget to keep good records. Test and record each promotion and be sure to have multiple streams of marketing in place. Keep records of everything that is spent and the money that comes in. You can use a software program like ‘quicken’ to help you keep the budget straight.

Your online success is a direct result of your marketing strategy so make sure you give this the attention it deserves. These are some of the techniques I used and with The Six Figure Mentors, I learnt many more that led to my online success.

To find out more about my mentors click here!

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