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After you’ve created your Facebook group, you’ll, of course, be interested in growing your group by having people who are interested in your topic join the group and become active members.


One of the absolute best ways to make this happen is by directing the individuals who have liked your Fan Page to the Group.


The reason Fan Pages work so well is that you can gain “likes” to your Fan Page, which can in time turn into new members for your group.


With over a billion people visiting Facebook each day, and over 4.5 billion “likes” per day, you only need to acquire a tiny percentage of this audience to begin growing your page in a big way.


If you don’t already have a Fan Page for your topic, it’s super easy to create one. Let’s get started!


Click on the down arrow shown on the far right side of the top menu on Facebook, then click on “Create Page.” You’ll need to choose a category for your page out of those shown. Don’t get hung up on this – you can always change it later on.


Add a description of the page, what it’s about, and why people should like it! Be upbeat and positive, and don’t try to sell anything in this section.


You can use the same exact description you’ve used for your group to make things easier, but make sure your description makes your page seem interesting and fun.


You’ll get far more likes if the page looks like it’s going to be worthwhile liking and visiting.


Add a profile picture, and add this page to your “favorites” so that it’s easily accessible when you’re on Facebook. The profile picture doesn’t have to be a picture of you.


It should be an image that represents the topic of your page. Now add the same cover photo that you have for your Facebook group.


Now, you’ll need to enter in some information regarding who you want to attract to this fan page – choose the appropriate demographics, and interest that are similar to those that your page will be about.


Now, invite some people who you think would be interested in the page to like the page. You can do this in the left sidebar by clicking “Invite” next to their name.


That’s it! Your page is now complete, and you can begin to work on promotion!


How Cross-Promotion Can Grow Your Facebook Group


Cross-promotion is a good strategy that can be used to increase the size of your Facebook Group. With over a billion groups on Facebook, it’s very likely you’ll find some groups on a similar topic to the group you’re running.


And everyone who has a group is interested in strengthening their numbers, so it’s usually a win-win situation for everyone involved.


When you’ve attracted a couple of hundred members, you can begin cross-promotion efforts. You want your group to be attractive to another group owner, so don’t try to do this until you’ve reached that couple hundred-members mark.


Do some research on Facebook to find other groups with the same or similar topic, or a similar but complementary topic. Find groups with a lot of members – a few hundred or more, at least.


Join the groups first, to check them out, make sure they’re active and that the kind of information being shared there is in line with what you have in your group.


If the group looks good, start posting in the group, and answering other’s questions within the group. In other words, you don’t want it to take up your entire day, but become an active member of the groups you’d like to cross-promote.


After a couple of weeks of adding value to the group, contact the administrator of the group and ask them if they would be interested in a cross-promotion of your two groups.


Maybe you could offer the group something, such as an ebook you’ve written that’s on-topic, or offer a webinar for the group.


These things help you appear legitimate and authentic when approaching another group’s administrator.


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What Are Digital Products


If you have an online business, a website, or a blog, you’ve probably heard of digital products. Chances are that you’ve consumed quite a few of them already and you may even be thinking about adding them as a new revenue stream to your business.


Before you can start to think about creating digital products, it’s important that you understand what exactly they are.


Digital products are information products that can be downloaded online. This could be an eBook, a video course, a webinar, an audio recording, or even a handful of printable checklists or a workbook.


Digital products come in a variety of different formats from pdfs to mp3s. What product format you choose depends on what you’re comfortable creating, what works well to convey the information you’re sharing, what you’re teaching, and of course what your target audience prefers.


Before you consider what you may want to create, browse around and see what type of digital products are available in your niche. Buy a few and review them.


Take note of the kind of information covered, how the material is organized and shared, what the product looks like, how it is delivered etc. Take note of price points too. All this research will come in handy when you are ready to develop your own digital products.


Another interesting aspect of digital products is that it’s easy to set up an affiliate program and pay a high commission on it. While the affiliate commission on physical products is often 10% or less than the purchase price, with digital products, commissions of 50% or higher are the norm. This is important for two reasons.


First and foremost, this makes it easy and profitable for you to sell digital products to your visitors and subscribers. It’s a nice way to test the water, see how digital products are received, and create a passive stream of income at the same time.


Secondly, setting up an affiliate program of your own is a great marketing strategy to help you make more sales of your digital products and grow your reach once you create them. Since there is not a lot of cost and overhead involved in digital products and it usually costs no more to sell one than to sell two hundred (aside from fees like those paid to PayPal for example), it’s possible to pay high commissions and still make a profit for yourself.



Why You Should Be Selling Digital Products


There are a lot of good reasons to get into the business of selling digital products. Today we’re going to look at the benefits of selling them both as an affiliate and as an information product creator.


Use it as motivation to get started selling digital products in your niche.


First and foremost, you should be selling digital products because that’s what your market expects. We live in the information age and have knowledge available at the press of a button. We want to be able to buy something and instantly access it.


Instead of ordering a physical book or DVD and waiting for it to arrive in the mail, we expect to be able to buy it, download it to our favorite digital device, and start consuming it right away.


From a seller’s point of view, digital products are a safe bet because there aren’t a lot of costs involved in developing the product. Your main investment will be the time it takes you to create a digital product.


Start small, test the waters by selling info-products as an affiliate, and get your feet wet. You can type up a short report in a few days, turn it into a pdf, and have it up for sale on your website without spending any money.


Of course, you have the option of hiring a writer, editor, graphic designer, etc., but it’s not necessary. It’s easy to create your first few digital products on a budget and outsource once you become profitable.


Another big reason why you should be creating your own digital products is that it’s a passive stream of income. You do the work of setting up the product once and then have something to sell going forward without any or much additional work.


You can focus on marketing or create the next product while this one continues to sell for months and years to come. Last but not least, you should consider creating digital products because it’s one of the most profitable ways to monetize your online business.


Your target audience wants to learn, wants to solve problems, and wants to be entertained. You spend a lot of time engaging them, getting them to read your blog, sign up for your newsletter or emails, and gaining their trust.


They are ready for more and happy to pay you for your time and efforts. Start creating a few different digital products and see for yourself just how profitable this business model can be.


Informed decision


Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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Are you struggling to find time to handle your internet marketing? This is a common problem and one that a lot of people struggle with and unfortunately, there is really no ‘shortcut’ to being successful in this regard.


Sure, there are certain strategies you can follow to save time and get things done quicker, but there is no ‘silver bullet’ to guarantee you success. Success will always equal work – and frankly, that is as it should be.


The only thing you can do then is to ensure that you are as focused and productive as possible when you do set out to work. This means avoiding distractions and it means being able to stay in ‘flow’ for as long as possible.


How do you do that? Here are some ‘hacks’ that will help…


Put Music on Loop


Find an album you like that doesn’t have lyrics (so it won’t distract you) and then listen to it on loop. Why? Because of the fact that you keep listening to it, means that your brain will eventually become desensitized and thus start to ‘tune it out’. This works similarly to when your brain stops listening to the ticking of a clock. And by doing that, you can effectively simulate a kind of ‘sensory deprivation’ for your hearing which will keep you more focussed on what you’re doing and less distracted by outside sounds. Apparently, this is a trick that Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame uses!


An alternative is to listen to white noise. Or for something a little more pleasant, try the website ‘rainy moods’ or ‘coffitivity’. Both of these create non-distracting ambient sounds that have been shown to boost productivity!


Have a Hot Mocha


Recent research shows that having a mocha first thing in the morning is actually more effective at boosting productivity than having a coffee alone. This is because the drink provides an ideal combination of caffeine and cocoa. Caffeine is a stimulant and will elevate the heart rate and increase focus while waking you up. Unfortunately, this can also have the unwanted effect of making you wired and potentially making you feel stressed.


Mocha counteracts this issue because the release of serotonin from the chocolate can ‘take the edge off’. What’s more, is that cocoa contains epicatechin which drives more oxygen to the brain via vasodilation and thereby actually boosts cognition even further!


A similar alternative that is also recommended by productivity gurus is caffeine + l-theanine and you can get this combination by drinking yerba mate green tea.


Leave Something Unfinished

Want to have a more productive day tomorrow and get started with your work right away? Then consider leaving something unfinished until tomorrow.


This might sound counterintuitive, but it’s a great way to ensure you start working quickly when the day begins. The reason for this is that the human brain hates unfinished business. Thus, if a task is left incomplete, then it is human nature to want to try and complete that task right away. This means that you can skip the usual procrastination and dive straight into your work head first!


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 From wantrepreneur to entrepreneur

How Do You Bridge The Gap From Wantrepreneur To Entrepreneur?


Having been a Wantrepreneur myself since 2015… I KNOW what to look for.


So, if you’re swanning around sporting that Wantrepreneur badge, I’ve put together this useful guide to help you change that image today.


  • Dismiss this myth

When I was ousted by the Corporate World, I started to look for a new job. I read numerous posts that Entrepreneurs risk all, go all in, jump in boots and all. I am glad I never believed in that myth.


Entrepreneurs who keep their backup income, their existing business, or their day job, have a higher chance of success than people who quit their jobs at the outset. You’d want those odds in your favor, wouldn’t you?


The reason why is, they have a backstop while they manage the transformation. So they treat their new business venture as a second stream of income.


Quite simply, it’s a more calculated risk.


  • Prioritize with your eyes on the prize

A Wantrepreneur puts their energy and finances into the things that might make them look like a business person. The website, the logo, all the outer trappings. These are the things they’ll need… EVENTUALLY – but not right at the outset.


True entrepreneurs know it’s important to provide a service or a product which fills a need, one where people will buy.


Your primary concern is to solve a problem for a customer because your goal is to make sales.


So, your initial focus will be to:

  • Understand your market and the demand for your product offer
  • Know the pain points your prospective customer’s experience, and
  • Learn how to ‘speak’ to your customers in their language, to help alleviate their problem


Of course, you’ll need that website – but you won’t need all the fancy bells and whistles from the get-go.


Without a doubt, you’ll also need an excellent marketing budget to attract targeted customers and build an email database – which is the pivotal thing freebie-seeker Wantrepreneurs don’t understand!


  • Read, take note, and action

Another area Wantrepreneurs get bogged down in is the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.


Yes, visualization can be very effective. Reading books is important; you’ll find wisdom and solid advice in many of them. But, if you don’t do something after you read the last page, or watch the training video, NOTHING changes for you!


If you’re hungry and just read cookbooks, your belly will remain empty.


If you purchase that gym membership but don’t work out, you’ll still be all soft and wobbly.


If you read about becoming a success and don’t put in any effort to build your online business, your bank account will be empty.


People will grow weary of hearing endless talk about your “business”. Results and only results will set tongues wagging.


  • Don’t be afraid of being afraid

Some of the biggest success stories encompass stories of big failures. Oprah was fired from a job as a TV reporter. The Diary of Anne Frank, Harry Potter, and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Catcher in the Rye, and Gone with the Wind, were all rejected time after time. Mark Cuban was fired from his job as a computer salesperson, and never again answered to a boss.


Wantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs view risk differently.


Wantrepreneurs focus on failure and freeze.


Entrepreneurs view failure as a temporary road block to push through – as a learning experience. Entrepreneurs learn from those road blocks and use them as sign posts on their journey to success.


They face the fear and do it anyway – risk looking a fool with zero concern of how others may (but likely won’t) judge!


  • Move it then prove it, not the other way around

Wantrepreneurs refuse to step out until everything is exactly the way they think it should be. They want proof of perfection, in funding, timing, plans.


They need 50 million answers before risking a dollar – even if it’s a calculated risk. They’re so deep into the finest details they can’t see the big picture.


Real entrepreneurs hit the ground running. Yes, they do their due diligence but they’re adaptable and clever.


Whatever it takes is what they’re ready to do. They will bootstrap their company, they’re RESOURCEFUL and find ways to get the funds they need.


Like a champion high diver, they’re prepared and ready when they’re poised at the edge of the diving board. Wantrepreneurs go back and forth and freeze, never to make a splash in the world of online business.


  • Have a strong will, so you will!

In an average business week, you’ll face disappointments, stress, pressure, and doubt.


That kind of week is not for the weak.


Wantrepreneurs might want to be successful but lack the will to fight through the inevitable challenges of business. They always have the exit door in sight.


Entrepreneurs go into business with their eyes, hopes and heart open. Failure may be hanging around the fringe, but that doesn’t stop them.


A true entrepreneur may see a detour sign but never an exit. They succeed because they refuse to accept anything less from themselves.


Entrepreneurs understand that online business is like a roller coaster – they’re strapped in for the ride, a downward disappointment will lead to an upward success, and when they’re in a corkscrew spiral, they know they’ll pull out.


  • Never presume

As humans, we generally like to be right all the time, don’t we? It takes a lot to accept personal blame for being wrong.


As a result, Wantrepreneurs presume TOO MUCH. They think they know better. They’re not inclined to test the market to determine what their prospective customers actually believe.


On the other hand, Entrepreneurs know they have to do their research, to test and tweak everything they can in their marketing, and never presume they’re right.


Get Rid Of The Wantrepreneur


Do you see yourself in any of the Wantrepreneur traits? You don’t have to stay there.


Focus on the first four letters of that word. Want. How much do you want success? How big is your driving motivation?


If it is BIG, then you’re ready to get rid of the Wantrepreneur and become an Entrepreneur. Take that good idea and take it to market, or embrace affiliate marketing and leverage other people’s products for profit.


Dedicate yourself to break down barriers and build your business. Turn those failures into fertilizer, till that soil, plant hope, and smart work, nurture your prospective customers, and reap the harvest.


Informed decision



Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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Differences between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs


Nowadays people do not aspire to work for a big company and climb the corporate ladder. They would rather reach for success by having their own business.  But there’s a huge difference between wantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, i.e. those who want to be entrepreneurs but don’t quite pull it off:


Entrepreneurs believe in themselves while wantrepreneurs think it’s all about them


Wantrepreneurs think the business revolves around them. Entrepreneurs believe in themselves, in their team. They know they can’t do it alone, that their team is essential for the growth and success of the business. Initially, their team could just be mentors or a support structure on their entrepreneurial journey.


Entrepreneurs keep moving while wantrepreneurs keep complaining


Entrepreneurs make things happen, no matter how small a step forward it is. Wantrepreneurs are always looking for excuses and complain when it gets hard to get going.


Entrepreneurs don’t let failures stop them while wantrepreneurs easily get discouraged


Steve Jobs said, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”


Entrepreneurs carry on, learn from their mistakes and work it off. Thomas Edison kept working on discovering the light bulb after failing 1,000 times. Wantrepreneurs get discouraged and stop altogether.


Entrepreneurs aim to be the best while wantrepreneurs aim to be rich


Entrepreneurs work to be the best in their industry, to leave their mark on the world.  They believe in passion before profits. Money to them is just a side benefit, a prize for doing a good job. Wantrepreneurs work only for the money.


Entrepreneurs work hard for the business while wantrepreneurs work hard for their image


Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”


Entrepreneurs work hard to make their business a success. They’re too busy with working to worry about what other people think about them. Wantrepreneurs don’t have the patience to work on the business. They look for shortcuts and prefer to spend their time making people think they are already a success.


Entrepreneurs work to get what they need while wantrepreneurs wait for it to be given


True entrepreneurs do not wait for funding or additional resources to start and keep on going. They find ways to raise capital and work to get additional funds. Wantrepreneurs don’t do anything until they get the capital they think they need to get the business off the ground.


Entrepreneurs innovate while wantrepreneurs procrastinate


Entrepreneurs don’t wait for the perfect idea to come to their mind. They know it doesn’t have to be original or unique to make it successful. Often the best idea is seeing the gap or the need to improve on what already exists. And a lot of successful businesses started with the entrepreneur needing something he/she couldn’t find anywhere.


Wantrepreneurs, on the other hand, obsess about finding the right idea or the next big trend that will get them rich quickly.


Entrepreneurs are risk-takers while wantrepreneurs are risk-averse


The business world is tough and only a handful survive the cutthroat arena. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to risk their funds, image, or business because they believe in their business, their product. They know the risks involved and yet they put out. Wantrepreneurs would rather bet on a sure thing.


Entrepreneurs are driven by their passion while wantrepreneurs are driven by someone else’s passion


An entrepreneur is driven by his passion for his business. It is something he loves to do, something he believes in. Wantrepreneurs follow the trend, simply because it has proven successful already.


This is why entrepreneurs live a life of passion and fulfillment while wantrepreneurs live a life filled with stress and regret for not following their dreams.


Informed decision



Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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