Setting & Achieving Business Goals – Issue 3

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How to Stay Motivated with Your Business Goals

When you set up your business goals, you have an initial surge of motivation. The planning stages are exciting because of what you may accomplish by proceeding with your plan. However, as time passes and other aspects of your job get in the way, you may feel less motivated to make those achievements happen.

stay motivated

Here are some ideas on how to stay motivated. Keep a written copy of your goals and tasks on your desk. Create a daily task list that you print out and keep near you as you work. Daily tasks are more granular than the task list that supports the goals. You can check them off as you complete them.

Make sure those daily tasks are as relevant as possible to the tasks on the master list. It’s understandable that you will have to perform tasks outside of the goals but try to keep those to a minimum. Think about the benefits of completing the goals for your business. You will be responsible for bringing your business to a new level.

Of course, that is dependent on what the goals are. However, even smaller-scaled goals will contribute to the success of the organization in some way. Sometimes, as you work through your goals and tasks, you may find some that are no longer relevant. Perhaps the company has changed its initiatives, and some of the previous goals are no longer valid.

adjust your goals

It is a worthwhile exercise to readjust and create alternative plans or even start from scratch. Speak with your manager if the changes are major enough. Another way to motivate yourself to keep on track with your goals is to imagine what may happen if you don’t complete them. The company may stagnate, or your group may not get the recognition it deserves.

This can be a great way to ensure that you push forward and complete your goals. When you and your team complete a task, find ways to reward yourselves. This can be as simple as going out for a celebratory drink after work. Don’t forget to invite your boss, even if he or she wasn’t as involved as the rest of the team.

He or she may have been more involved at a higher level than you realize. Achieving goals often become habit-forming (the good kind) so the more you do it, the higher the chances you will succeed.

Resources to Help With Your Business Goals

business resources

There are plenty of business owners who have made their businesses successful through the effective use of goals. The better they become at implementing those goals, the more successful the businesses seem to become. And it is something that people get better with practice. Why not use these successful experiences to help with your business?

Learn More About Business Goals
The first resource is yourself. Resources found online can be a tremendous help when trying to learn about setting goals. Check for videos on the subject. Be aware that not every video will contain good information. And not every video creator has the expertise to offer. Take each video with a grain of salt. Udemy and Amazon are also good resources for training on business goals. It takes more effort to get on these platforms, so it is likely to contain trainers/authors with a higher level of expertise. Both platforms allow users to rate the trainers which you can use as a basis for your decision.

Read Profiles of Successful Business Leaders
Many successful business leaders share how they became successful. You will find a common theme among these leaders in the area of setting goals. They may go about different ways to do this. That’s what makes these profiles valuable to use when trying to create your own. If you can find profiles of people within the same industry as you, that is a bonus. But, it is not completely necessary if you can’t.

Industry or Trade Groups
While you’ll see a lot of your competitors on these groups, most are willing to share stories of techniques they have used in their businesses. The information they give is usually relevant to your business as you typically join groups within your industry. is becoming a trade group of sorts with the groups that are contained within. Be sure to check this out.

trade groups

Forums and Blogs

People look to forums and blogs for answers to their questions. There are bound to be forums that are within your industry or niche. You can ask for tips about the goals or your business on these forums. You will get much better results when you are active on the forum.

Outside Groups
Resources such as could be used to help with formulating your business goals. Find meetups with business owners in your area who are willing to share information on the topic.

Check back soon for Issue 4 of Setting & Achieving Business Goals as we continue to look at the importance of goal setting for business success.

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