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In order for any of us to have our greatest success and be the most productive in life, we have to be strongly motivated in what we are doing.  However, many of us struggle to find what truly motivates us, often doing tasks or occupations that don’t really excite or motivate us.


In all facets of life, it helps to find your true motivation; below, you will find out the quickest way to find yours.


True motivation varies for all people.  For some, it’s an intense desire to succeed and be the very best one can be.  For others, it’s an intense desire to help other people make their lives better, easier, more productive, etc.


Others are truly motivated by their own families, especially their children and grandchildren, wanting to make their lives as happy and as rich as can be.  Others are strongly motivated by the world we live in, attempting to preserve the environment so that it remains healthy and vibrant for many generations to come.


Therefore, motivation differs for all people.  What motivates you can be different from what motivates your significant other, your parents, your siblings, your children, your friends, etc.


To find your own motivation, consider what is important in your own life.  What really drives you, motivates you to do any task?  Is it family?  Is it your career?  Is it the environment?  Is it to help other people?  What are your favourite activities that you like to do, especially in your free time?


Consider what you like to do with your free time and see what activities they are.  That will especially tell you what motivates you and interests you to do the tasks that you do.


This will also give you an indication of what type of work you would really like to be doing as an occupation in the event you are doing something totally unrelated and that it really doesn’t hold much interest or appeal for you.


Therefore, true motivation differs for everyone.  For some, making life better for their family is what drives them; others are driven by an intense desire to have the best career possible; others are driven to help make other people’s lives easier and better; still, others are driven by an intense desire to preserve the environment for future generations.


The best way to find out what really motivates and drives you is to examine your own life and see what activities you enjoy doing in your free time; this will give you the best indication of what truly motivates and drives you so you can have the most success and enjoyment out of life.


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