Potential Roadblocks To Reaching Your Goals

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Virtually everyone who has goals also has challenges that prevent them from reaching their goals.  Unfortunately, achieving goals often comes through struggle and hardship; that’s why achieving them can often make us feel good and give us a sense of accomplishment.


The key to successfully achieving goals consistently is learning to work through the potential roadblocks that stand in the way of us achieving our goals.


Roadblocks to reaching our goals can be caused by internal or external factors.  Roadblocks caused by internal factors can include such things as doubting our ability to achieve the goals we set, procrastination of tasks we should do to achieve our goals and a lack of focus in doing the tasks needed to achieve our goals.


When it comes to internal roadblocks, we need to work past them by identifying what the roadblock is and why we are setting up that internal roadblock.  If we have doubts about our ability to achieve our goals, we have to work past our fear and doubt in order to overcome it and achieve our goals.


If we are putting off tasks we should be doing in order to achieve our goals, we have to determine why we procrastinate and deny ourselves the achievement of our goals.  If we keep losing focus while doing the tasks necessary to achieve our goals, we have to determine why we keep losing focus so we can keep the needed focus necessary to achieve our goals.


When it comes to external roadblocks, there are many obstacles that can qualify.  It can be something we lack to achieve that goal, such as a lack of knowledge or lack of a tool we need to achieve the goal.


It can be something unexpected that we didn’t anticipate happening or occurring while we attempt to achieve the goal, such as a change in plans or a change in circumstances that makes it more difficult to achieve the goal.


When it comes to external roadblocks, we have to find a way to overcome the problem.  If we lack a specific knowledge or tool to achieve the goal, then we need to gain that knowledge or tool.


Whether we invest in ourselves to get that knowledge directly or hire someone with knowledge to do the task necessary to achieve the goal, it must be done to achieve that goal.  Whether we invest in the tool or hire someone with the tool, we must do it to achieve the goal.


If we encounter a change in circumstances or some unexpected occurrence while working toward a goal, we must analyze the new situation and develop a plan of action so that we overcome the new situation and achieve the goal.


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