Online Business Tools For Marketers – Issue 3

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Welcome back and here is Issue 3 as promised.

The Online Tool Box

In the interests of this short report, we’re going to start listing the tools, evaluating them on our criteria, and giving you a link where you can go to access or buy them. We may not be able to put up your favorite tools, but it’s a good start for anyone who is thinking about seriously competing online with other online vendors.


This is a great all-around tool for webmasters and people who market online.  It helps you to find keywords, see what your competitors are doing, and more importantly for this category, it helps you to automatically submit your pages to multiple search engines.

Tool Category : Traffic


  1. Easy To Use: There is some learning that you have to do with the interface. And it’s not highly intuitive, but easy enough to learn. It’s not a simple point-and-click tool. It’s very feature rich, and well worth spending time learning it.
  1. Solves A Customer’s Problem: It helps to grab traffic from specific demographics by helping you generate keywords that will attract that traffic.
  1. Consistent Performance: Very solid performance.
  1. Simple Registration: Email signup.
  1. Manages Multiple Users Efficiently: Not Applicable.
  1. Great Customer Support: They do have customer support that you can count on.
  1. Creates Excitement/Interest: This tool is more for the background, and can generate interest through keywords, but it won’t be obvious to the customers. It will be obvious to you when your traffic surges in the right demographics.


There is a free and a paid version. Download the free version and give it a go. Make use of the webpage submission service to help you get better search engine ranking and exposure. This will increase traffic. Then, see if you want to plunk some money down for the paid version.


Comparison to your competitors stats and keywords is also available, making it easy to measure metrics to see how the tool is working for you.

Download at



This is an online service that starts at $19.99/month, but comes with multiple tools to free up your time and help you market yourself better. It can help you generate and manage contacts and then go on to market them further with tools ranging from autoresponders to newsletters.

Tool Category: Contact Management


  1. Easy To Use: Since it’s a service, the people you hire do most of the work for you. They will walk you through things you need to do to optimize your direct email campaigns too.
  1. Solves A Customer’s Problem: It solves the problem of communication between you and the customer, without taking an inordinate amount of time out of your day.
  1. Consistent Performance: It is highly rated by Internet marketers.
  1. Simple Registration: Yes.
  1. Manages Multiple Users Efficiently: It excels at managing multiple subscribers, readers, fans, contacts, etc. They do charge more for managing more people, but that’s what they do best.
  1. Great Customer Support: You are a valued client and thus they do try to keep you happy.
  1. Creates Excitement/Interest: A good newsletter, sales promotion, email campaign with good attractive templates, all create excitement and interest from the people who want to stay in contact with you.


First 500 subscribers that they manage is $19.99. After that, the service charges more.


The service comes with testing tools and reports that help you see what’s working in your campaigns and what isn’t. With metrics like this, it can really help you fine tune your campaigns to get the most sales out of them.

Download at .

In Issue 4 we will continue looking at the tools you should have in your toolbox so be sure to check back tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you would like to discover how you can build a business you love then click here!

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