Online Business Myths Smashed!

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Online business myths smashed


I am sure you come across advert upon advert on your Facebook news-feed claiming to have the ‘latest system’ for making money online with very little effort.


This is the ultimate dream lifestyle and with the growth in the digital economy, it is more and more accessible to the average person. Sadly though, most online businesses fail within the first 2-5 years but, not because making money online is a myth. Rather, because those online business owners either acquired the wrong education or joined the wrong ‘program’.


Making money online is absolutely possible and is a reality but, let’s get the myths out of the way to clear all the ‘hype’ and ‘BS’ around this topic.


Myth – You can’t make money online.


This myth is a result of the numerous ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes online which, have created negative perceptions on the topic of making money online.


There is no doubt and it has been proven, that making money online is a fact provided you obtain the right education, tools, resources and support and more importantly, understand why you want to start an online business.


That may seem like a crazy statement but, if you have not determined your ‘Why’ then your ‘How’ is going to be flawed and you could be setting yourself up for failure.


I will discuss the subject of ‘Why’ a little later in this article.


Myth – You can get rich quick online.


The simple fact is that you can obtain wealth with an online business but, the myth is that it can be done quickly.


It all depends on what you classify as quick. If you are talking about doing it overnight or in a few weeks then, I would have to state that this is a myth.


Creating and growing a successful online business requires time, dedication and hard work to set it up and get it going.


Once your online business is up and running and generating the type of income you require then, a large part of it can be automated and this in turn means you will have more free time to live a life of freedom.


It is rare that you become wealthy online overnight and those that do, have most definitely invested a large sum of money to do so. The bottom line is your return is based on your investment in both time and money.


Nothing in = nothing out!


Myth – Everything online is a scam.


I can understand why this myth exists due to the large number of ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes doing the rounds online but, not everything is a scam.


If you do your due diligence and investigate exactly what the product/service/system has to offer then, identify if it resonates with what you are trying to achieve, you will guarantee you are not being scammed.


There are without a doubt legitimate, world-class programs available to provide you with the skills required to succeed online and I will get into that a little further in this article.


Myth – Build it and they will come.


Although this is the easiest part of building an online business, it does not guarantee your success. Building a website then publishing it does not mean you will get thousands of visitors to your website which, in turn become customers.


You need to ensure that the foundation you lay for your online business is based on sound knowledge, advice and principles. Then you need to setup marketing campaigns (free & paid) to drive traffic to your website.


If you do this the right way, then your chance at succeeding is much greater.


Myth – People that are teaching online business are fake.


While some of this is true, generalizing that all online entrepreneurs are fake is not.


Once again it comes down to doing your due diligence before aligning with a mentor, program or system. More on this a little later.


Myth – You can push a button and make money online.


I will keep the response to this one short and sweet… There is NO Magic button you can push to generate money online… Full Stop!


Myth – You can make money online without spending any money.


This myth is neither true nor false. Let me clarify that statement.


You can make money online with very little investment however, you need to accept that reaching the level of success you want may take longer.


The fact is there is investment required just like anything else in life. How much money and time you invest will directly impact how soon you reach the success you require.


Myth – You can make 100% passive income online.


Passive income is a reality and should form part of your online strategy. Stating that it is 100% of the time is what is partly a myth.


Passive income is possible and realistic but, you cannot just ‘set and forget’ like some online adverts would like you to believe.


The online business world changes regularly and at a fast pace so, provided you change with it, your passive income will continue.


Once again this is where having the right education, tools, resources and support is critical.


Myth – You don’t need to work a 9-5 day.


This is another one of those myths I would have to say is both yes and no. Allow me to explain.


Initially this is not the case as you need to obtain the necessary education, tools and resources then set-up your online business.


Once that is in place, you need to start your marketing campaigns which you monitor and tweak if and when required.


With all that in place, it is then just a question of ensuring it all runs as planned as well as introducing new strategies to your online business.


With a large portion of your online business being automated, you can then free up a lot of your time to enjoy the new found personal and financial freedom.


What Next?


Now that we have some of the most important myths out of the way, let’s take a look at the online business world.


There is no doubt that the digital economy is growing and will continue to grow for decades to come. Here are some facts obtained from Invesp.




Now those are impressive numbers and the growth is evident. Let’s look at statistics with regards to online shoppers.




Here are the statistics with regards to the average spend per online shopper by country.




So now that we have looked at the myths as well as statistics, I am sure you would agree that the potential for making a living with an online business is possible but, we have also determined that what is necessary is the ‘Right Education’.


This is where I have spent months researching which included two failed attempts due to the fact that I did not carry out my due diligence to completion. I was smoke screened by the ‘shinny object syndrome’.


Fortunately I was determined to find the right answers so I kept on looking and eventually came across what in my view is the most amazing community of successful online entrepreneurs.


Through my membership of this community I have been able to obtain the Right Education, Tools, Resources and more importantly Support which in turn has empowered me to build a Business I Love.


I was empowered to realize that anyone can have an online business that provides them with personal and financial freedom.


What is different about the education I received is that it empowered me to determine ‘Why’ I wanted an online business and then, provided me with all the right education and resources I required to build my business on my terms.


What followed that was world-class support which continues to this day. My mentor’s mission and vision is not to make money from educating me but, rather to empower me to become self-reliant by creating and growing my own business in the digital economy.


I cannot stress this anymore… I Created My business on My terms! A Business I Love! And…




You Can Too!


Informed decision


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