No More Weekends!

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No more weekends


Now there is an announcement that would create global panic if it was ever to be made. Can you imagine what it would be like to not have a weekend again?


Allow me to put a different twist on that. Can you imagine what it would be like to not look forward to the weekend because… every day felt like a weekend?


No, I am not smoking wacky weed but, before I get into clarifying the last statement let me first address this first statement.


We start off our journey of education looking forward to weekends to get away from that boring, hard school work. From there we progress to tertiary education to do exactly the same and finally, yes you guessed it, we do the same in our working life.


The Challange Of Living A Balanced Life


How many times have you seen posts on social media such as ‘Not Monday again’ with a sad emoji and then towards the end of the week we see ‘Hey, Hey It’s Friday’ with a smiley emoji?


We all attempt to live a balanced life, dividing our time between work, family, health, and friends but sadly, very few achieve the balanced they deserve and seek.


Lady panicking


Our parents, the education system and finally society, dictate to us that we should put our focus on money and working because, in their view, that is how you make a living. What if I told you that was total and absolute nonsense.


Think of it this way, we spend up to 12 years in school from Monday to Friday and then sports on weekends. Then we go to varsity and spend even more time studying only to get a job/career where we work 5-6 days a week to ‘make a living’.


That is not making a living, that is existing. We were not brought onto this earth to exist. We were brought onto this earth for a purpose and identifying that purpose is what will set you free from the 9 to 5 hamster wheel mentality that we have been programmed to believe is the way of life.


Where is the balance when most of your time is spent studying and working? How much time do you have left for your family, your health, your friends and maintaining your personal integrity?


Living A Balanced Life Is Possible


How do you live a balanced, fulfilled life if you are not spending equal time between work, family, health, and friends?


That may seem like an impossibility in today’s society but, it is absolutely possible to break free from the chains we unconsciously allowed our peers to put us in.


Break free


I can hear you saying… how do I provide for my family if I do not commit that time to my work or career? How will I enjoy spending time with my friends when I can’t afford to?


That is where the digital economy comes into play. I have been in the chains of the corporate world for 27 years and after experiencing a career and life-changing event in 2016, I decided it was time to break free and start living a life of purpose.


It was just a matter of identifying my purpose and my passion then create an action plan that would allow me to use the power of the digital economy to automate and scale my business which, allowed me more time to do the things that truly matter in life.


If you look at it as work, family, health, and friends being pillars for your home, how strong do you think it would be if one of those pillars (work) had all the attention in terms of construction while the other three (family, health and friends) received very little attention?


I am sure you would agree that at some point, the entire construction would collapse, inclusive of the pillar that represents work. Well, this is a fact of life if you don’t have balance. You can literally lose everything.


I have found personal and financial freedom in starting and growing a business, I love then, using the digital economy to scale it up in order to improve my level of success while at the same time, not sacrificing any additional time.


Once it is all setup and running correctly with the right tools, resources, and support, you only need a couple of hours a day to maintain it.


My work day consists of 2-3 hours doing what I love (my business) and the remainder of the day I can do whatever I feel like. This is living a life of purpose, living a balanced life… a meaningful life.


To me, every day is a weekend. I do not have to wait for weekends to spend time on my health, with family and friends. I do that every day as I have more than enough time to ensure all my pillars are balanced.


The digital economy provides the average person with the opportunity to live the lifestyle of their dreams and with the right education, tools, resources and expert support… you too can achieve a balanced lifestyle doing something you Love!


If you would like to discover the world-class education I undertook, the tools and resources I use as well as get access to the expert support provided through training and coaching, then click here and you may just find the key to unlock your chains.


Why live for the weekend when every day can be a weekend? Your decisions shape your destiny, not those of society so… take your destiny into your own hands and design the lifestyle of your dreams… on your terms!


Informed decision



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