Instagram For Business – Issue 5 (Final Issue)

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Miscellaneous Tips to Improve Your Instagram Experience

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. These quick tips may not do much for your account on their own. But, taken as a whole, they can help you improve your Instagram efforts. Always use hashtags. Instagram incorporates hashtags into its algorithms.

Therefore, if someone is searching for a certain term that you included as a hashtag, it’s likely to appear in the results. To take this concept further, create your own hashtags for your company and use them constantly. This won’t have much impact in the beginning, but as you post more, the significance will increase.

create hashtags

Find others willing to post comments on your behalf. Bloggers use guest bloggers to increase their content efforts and the reach of those posts. Certainly, if someone writes for your blog, they are going to share that post all over. The same can happen for your Instagram efforts. Find others in your market who would be willing to post comments for your pictures.

Reach out to influencers and like and share their Instagram pictures. Instagram has a similar tagging feature as Twitter does and uses the ‘@’ sign to alert someone who is tagged. This is a great way to get noticed and it works quite well. Don’t underestimate this method but at the same time, don’t abuse it.

If people find out you are doing this in abundance, it will backfire on you. Those same influential people can bury you rather than help you. Incorporate other social media platforms to point to your Instagram postings. Social media strategies often include integrating the various platforms. Instagram should be included in that mix.

It’s amazing how many people leave out this platform. You always hear about the big three, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Use this to your advantage by using Instagram whenever you share content. This advantage won’t be around forever. Instagram will sometimes suggest following certain people. Take them up on these suggestions.

The point is their algorithm was triggered with you having some connection to these people. Try to figure out the connection and use that in your decision on following them. Use these simple tips to enhance your experience on Instagram. It will take time for your account to start gaining the interaction you desire. Be consistent with using these tips to get the maximum gain.


For the most part, they can’t hurt your campaign if you use them correctly.

Using Instagram for Charity and Your Business

Businesses today make charitable contributions, volunteer for charitable events, or a combination of the two. When businesses create a following on Instagram and that following grows substantially, this platform can be used to help the businesses charitable efforts. Suppose your business supports a cause and you have gained thousands of followers.

You can simply reach out to those followers and let them know about the cause. While you may not get every person following you to help with the cause, you will get a percentage of them. Sometimes, you just want to make people aware of the cause and not ask for money. Instagram can certainly be used for this purpose.


However, there will be times when you want to help the cause with fundraising. You may be able to get some of your followers to pitch in some money but there are better ways to go about it. The first is to hold an event and then use Instagram to announce your event. When people are involved with a cause, they are more likely to open their checkbooks.

It’s also a good idea to have a physical event where people gather rather than doing it online. It can work with a cyber event but face-to-face is going to bring better results, all things being equal. Make sure that the intention of your business is true to the cause and that you aren’t just doing it to get more business.

Unfortunately, there are companies that use charity as a way to gain sales. People see through this guise and it’s difficult to recover from this negative press. Besides, if you are genuine in your charity efforts, sales could result from this association naturally. Unfortunately, competitors may see this as an opportunity to tarnish your name.

be honest

You can have the most sincere of intentions but they may slander your company name and try to make it seem as you are running charity events to gain sales. You will need to prepare your public relations department for this possibility. The organization that you are helping may be able to diffuse this situation by stating how much you have helped.

Another point is to make sure the charities your company supports are on the level. If it gets out that they are on the take, this will affect your company in a negative way for supporting the organization. Instagram can be used just as easily to pass on this bad press as it can to help a good cause.

Now that you have all this knowledge about using Instagram for your business it’s time to put it into action.


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