Instagram For Business – Issue 3

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How to Consistently Post on Instagram

There’s no doubt that having a steady stream of Instagram posts will take you far in your social media efforts. If you follow people, do you want them to have consistent postings or are you okay with them posting once in a while? If you are like most people, you want consistent postings to keep it interesting. Your followers will be no different.

Let’s face it, though. We are all busy people. We don’t have the time to be consistently posting on Instagram. If you are one to post whenever you take a picture of whatever comes to mind, this may not be the best strategy. People who are following you will get tired of haphazard postings. The first way to overcome this problem is to hire someone to do the posting for you.

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If you go this route, you have to decide if you are going to let them take the pictures and post or if they will only be responsible for posting the pictures you send to them. If you let them take the pictures, you will need to make sure they are following your strategy, whatever that happens to be.

Also, make sure that you get signed agreements from them that all works are to be designated work-for-hire. It doesn’t happen often, but there have been cases where freelancers lay claim to work they created on behalf of former clients. Play it safe and get a signed agreement. Over time, even cheap outsourcing is going to add up as far as costs are concerned.

You can find services that will schedule posts for you. These services are growing in both the number of services as well as what types of services they provide. Many of these platforms have free options, although eventually, you will end up paying. But, the good news is when you get to that point, it means what you are doing is working.

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So, as long as you can monetize your efforts, you can use some of the proceeds towards these campaigns. Bear in mind, many social media platforms are not fond of automated systems. Make sure you check the terms of service with the platform and inquire about how they feel about services you find.

Do a search online for any negative experiences, such as people getting their accounts banned. There is no guarantee once you are banned, the social media platform will reinstate you. This means you could lose months or years of building up your social status.

How to Increase Your Chances of Viral Instagram Photos

Instagram is a great platform for people to showcase their photos. Businesses are discovering they too, can use the platform to post images as they relate to their brand. Like anything else, not every photo is going to take off virally and there is no guarantee any photo published will. However, you can use these ideas to help tip the scales in your favor.

Try to set up your photos with a theme in mind. The idea is to use the platform to tell a story. People are only going to get a glimpse of the picture so you won’t have a chance to describe it. The picture needs to make the connection. Study what other people or businesses have published.

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When you see which images are being shared, figure out what it is about those images that made people want to share. Ask yourself what you believe the theme to be. Were there people in the graphic? Try to pick out as many details as possible. Familiarize yourself with color schemes.

Graphic designers and artists are aware that certain colors go together but there is more to color mixing that is subtle. For instance, most non-designers are unaware that you can change the hue of the color, which can give your picture a whole new perspective. In many cases, you could make these changes in Photoshop or another graphic editor.

But if you are familiar with color mixing, you could try to assemble those colors from the start. Structuring your photos may work, but a better idea may be to use spontaneous shots for your Instagram photos. The most impact occurs randomly. This is not to say that you can’t create impactful photos via planning, but it will happen less frequently.

However, when you take random shots, you will need to take many before you find one that has the potential to take off virally. The best advice is to not worry about whether your image will go virally and just follow a publishing schedule. Make it cohesive and have a steady schedule for posting.

Try to get feedback from followers and use that to your benefit in the future. Part of the reason for something going viral is that followers know the person publishing. Once they start to trust who you are and appreciate what you publish, your Instagram content should start to gain some traction. Even if it doesn’t go viral, as long as it increases visibility over time, you’re way ahead of the game.

Check back tomorrow for Issue 4 of Instagram For Business.

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