Important Criteria For Choosing A Mentor

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Important criteria for choosing a mentor


The digital economy provides the average person with the best opportunity for starting an online business based on their passion and their vision. However, not everyone is clear about their passion and their vision and the best option here is to find a mentor.


There is no need to reinvent the wheel so to say, as there are numerous successful online entrepreneurs that you can learn from. The important question is who do you choose?


There are 4 critical criteria to consider when choosing a mentor in my view and these are what I used when I was looking for my mentor:


  1. What they teach

    This may sound like obvious or even very broad but, if you are looking at starting an online business then you need to ensure that you invest your time and money in the right mentor with the right education.


No use investing in someone who is extremely successful in forex trading when your online business is going to be about cooking.


  1. How they teach

    This is also a broad statement but, what I mean with that is what format they use to share their knowledge and provide you with the right education.


This can include eBooks, video tutorials, webinars and online live workshops. The more varied their education platform the better. I prefer using all of these platforms as it keeps me from getting bored with just reading or watching videos.


  1. How much they make

    Now this is a tricky subject because to some people it is very important that they know exactly how much their mentor makes, how long it took them to earn that and how quickly can they earn the same.


While I agree that it is important to mentor a successful entrepreneur, I do not place as much importance on exactly how much they make now and how quickly can I make the same.


Everyone is different and although you have the same education, use the same tools and resources, how you implement what you have learnt and how quickly can impact your earnings.


The important thing to remember here is that they might be investing thousands every week on advertising whereas you can only invest a fraction of that to start.


Unless you plan on following your mentor’s daily task and investment exactly as they apply it, how much they make is not important. What is important is that they are successful online entrepreneurs because that is an indication that they know what they are doing and can prove it.


  1. Their system

    What I mean with this is what they provide you with in terms of training material, marketing material, programs, tools, resources and support while you are learning. Here it is also important to determine if you can earn while you learn.


What they provide you with should be a good fit for your business model, your vision and the type of business you want to start.


The Right Fit For You

These were extremely important to me when I decided to start out as an online entrepreneur and there was one more which, in my view was the number one criteria… Do they support me in building my own business or are they looking to recruit me to help build their business.


Having my own business meant exactly that… My business… on my terms… to achieve my vision.


This is exactly what I found in my mentors and since joining this community of successful online entrepreneurs 6 months ago, I have never looked back and it has become the most important decision I have made for creating personal and financial freedom.


The education, tools, resources and support can be used by anyone looking to start their own successful online business and more importantly, a business they love.


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