If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail


Do you feel disappointed by the way your life had turned out? Do you know WHY you feel the way you do?


It’s probably fits into one of two scenarios…


Most likely you didn’t PLAN what you were going to do with your life. You just drifted along with the flow. It’s a sad fact that if you can’t make your mind up, you’ll find plenty of people who will be willing to do it for you. People told you what THEY thought you wanted and then pressured you to go along with it.


Believe in yourself


You couldn’t decide whether to be a fire fighter, or maybe a police officer, or a fighter pilot, or maybe something else. Your mom thought a nice, safe job in insurance would be a perfect fit for you, and she didn’t shut up until you agreed.




You had everything planned down to the last detail, but your plans were too rigid to adapt to changing circumstances, or they weren’t thought through enough.


Face your challenges


You wanted to be a country and western singer, but the guy who promised to be your manager changed his mind, so you recorded a bunch of cover tunes as a demo tape and mailed them off to every record label in Nashville. When none of them wrote back, you got disheartened and found a job at the mall instead.


But just because that’s how things are now, DOESN’T mean they have to stay that way.


Your dreams can come true


Start working towards achieving those goals and dreams you still want. Work backwards from there to now, so you can be sure of success. When you KNOW that in order to achieve this, you’ve first got to do that, you can’t fail – especially as you can work in a Plan B at the same time as you’re devising Plan A.


Beginning with the end in mind was a system devised by the late Dr Steven Covey and it works every time.


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