How To Find The Hot Spots In Internet Marketing – Issue 3

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Welcome to Issue 3 on this topic.

Research The Hot Spot Online

Okay, so you’ve picked some hot spots that you are excited about. Congratulations! You’re almost home now. In order to really get a good feel for each hot spot, you’ll want to check out the trends and what people are saying about that particular niche, before you go writing multiple sales copy and articles that no one is interested in, even with a hot niche. By figuring out exactly what about the niche is interesting to others, you will be headed in a good way towards narrowing and defining the hot spot in a much more precise way.

To do that, there are several places you can go to get some additional information on your hot topics:

  • Google Trends
    This is a great tool set up by Google to focus on the trends happening in a particular segment. It allows you to see how the search volume is trending over the years. The best part of this tool, however, is the ability to put multiple hot topics in (separated by commas) and then be able to compare the volume trends per year in comparison to both. This way you can determine which one is actually the best hot topic, based on whether it shows it is trending upwards and how it compares to the search traffic of different hot topics. It is located at:
  • Yahoo! Buzz
    This uses the Yahoo! Search engine functionality to return hot topics based on what’s being searched there. You will see some top searches displayed as well as up and coming hot topics. You can also plug in your own terms and see what people are saying about that. It is located at: 
  • Technorati BloggerCentral
    This is a directory of blogs that also tracks the topics these blogs discuss. So, it can be an excellent way to initialize the brainstorming of topics of interest since they have an area where you can see the top blogs and also popular topics being discussed. It is located at under the BloggerCentral tab. 
  • Digg
    This is a user-driven listing of hot topics. In other words, people vote to “digg” a topic or not and based on the voting system, the rating of that topic climbs in ranking. It’s a great social networking type of search engine and trend-spotting site all in one. Add your phrases there and see what topics of interest people “dug” for your particular niche. It is separated into categories that can also be searched separately. It is located at

Research The Topic Offline

For people who really want to get into their chosen niche, there’s no reason you can get some great research already done by others. Barnes and Nobles puts out a series of guides called “quamuts” on practically every subject out there. They are small enough to read very quickly, but comprehensive enough to give you a broad view of your subject. You can get them offline by going to Barnes and Noble and picking up a hard copy for yourself.

These quamuts are available online too, at, even though it’s still Barnes and Noble selling them. If you order them online, they are much easier to search through to see if your topic has a guide or not. Obviously, if there is not guide, odds are the subject is suspect. If it is a profitable topic, Barnes and Noble would have done a guide on it, right? You can even get really small quamuts to download from your personal computer for just $2.95 for a pdf copy. Print it out on your printer and you’ve got a great library of comprehensive guides right at your fingertips.

Narrow To Pinpoint Precision

We’ve talked a little about how a very broad subject will be highly competitive or hard to attract an audience. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a very narrow subject won’t even have anyone interested in it, or at least very few. To find a hot spot in Internet marketing topics that is just the right size can be a game of trial and error.

You can do this manually, by starting out with a broad category and then drilling down to more specific subtopics within the main topic. You can use the tools we’ve given you to find out exactly how popular a topic is and whether it is worth pursuing. This takes quite a bit of time to do. Even after you locate just the right niche, you will have to locate affiliate programs to make the hot spots work to be profitable areas for you.

If you have a bit of money, you may decide that the fastest way to do this is to pay someone else to do it for you. There are products out there that can help you use your keyword phrase to instantly find niches that are profitable AND give you affiliate offer information too.

Test The Results

Whether you use a third-party software program or try to engage your own list of hot topics, you will wan to test your selection to see how they work in real life, or should we say “virtual life.” That means, that you will actually start to take some of your research and implement it to test to see if it will be a winner or not.

You can do a short test simply by adding a review to one of your blogs for a product that is associated with one of your niches. You use the keyword phrases you’ve developed to help drive traffic to the blog related to that niche. You can write a few articles and submit them to article directories with some of the same keyword phrases. Use the resource box to drive traffic back to the blog where your offer resides.

You should do this with several sites, actually. You want to be able to test several niches at the same time with various different keyword phrases that target either different aspects of the same niche, or different niches entirely. Depending on the amount of advertising revenue from Google or product sales from the offer on your blog, you have a pretty good idea how it will work out if you do a full blown site developed on the same concept.

So, it really is a matter of trial and error. Just keep trying different niches until you find a winner, and then expand that every which way you know to generate maximum profit. Remember to focus on generating attention and exposure for your offers to get the niche to be a money-maker.

In Issue 4 we will look at some sample niches based on Adwords campaigns so don’t forget to check back tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you would like to discover how you can start a business you love click here!

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