How To Empower Your Mind

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Empower your mind


One of the most energy-sapping, debilitating things that holds many people back and prevents them from fulfilling their potential are the constant negative thoughts that keep popping into their heads. These thoughts often lead to stress and worry.


The worst case scenario becomes a forgone conclusion in peoples’ minds and they decide it’s best to take the safe option, or do nothing at all.


However, there is a way to actively change how you think, and avoid becoming one of those people. It’s called meditation.


The goal of meditation


When I mention the word “meditation”, the first thing a lot of people think is: It must be something to do with religion – especially Buddhism – or it’s something hippies used to do in the 1960’s.


However, these are misconceptions. While meditation does form part of Buddhist rituals, it’s not something directly linked to that faith – or any faith when it comes to it. Meditation is certainly not “new age”; in fact it’s quite ancient.


Probably the most common type of meditation is known as “mindfulness”.


The art of mindfulness


Basically, the goal with Mindfulness is to be “aware” and to be “present” of your own thoughts and to reflect on them.


This is a form of meditation which doesn’t encourage you to try and empty your mind like some other forms of meditation. Instead, the objective with mindfulness is simply to let your thoughts “drift by like clouds in the sky”.


This allows you to become more aware of what thoughts you actually tend to have, making it easier to spot negative thought patterns that might be causing problems. This type of meditation has also been shown to reduce anxiety, almost as effectively as anxiety-reducing drugs.


When you can control your mind, it becomes the powerful organ it was intended to be.


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