How To Discover Your True Goals

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Virtually everyone has many goals that he/she wants to accomplish over his/her life.  However, we often don’t know what our true or ultimate goals are, especially right away.  Children often don’t know what they want to become as adults until they enter college or even later.


Sometimes, adults question whether their first career path is the career path they really want to do for the rest of their lives.  In other words, it can be difficult to know what our true goals are.  Learn how you can determine what your true goals are below.


When attempting to learn what your true goals are, pay attention to what really motivates you.  What really excites you in your life?  What do you often find yourself talking about with friends and family?


Whatever that topic or subject is, chances are that having some activity or even an occupation/career centered around that topic or subject is what will really interest you, bring your life meaning, and help you to find your true goals in life.


Virtually everyone wants to feel useful, but we often don’t know what our true calling is, especially right away.  Also, pay attention to what you seem to excel at- this could be painting, drawing, creating graphics, creating content (i.e. writing), building, playing sports, speaking, etc.


Oftentimes, the activities we have an aptitude for is another sign of what we were meant to do and what our true goals are.


When we determine what really excites us in our lives, see what goals we can accomplish in regards to that occupation or career.  What heights or levels can we reach?  If it’s writing, can we inspire other people to improve their lives and make a better world through our books, blog posts, and articles?


If it’s drawing, can we make people smile and be happier by creating imaginative and funny comic strips and picture books?


Also, look at your life and really ask yourself what you want to accomplish before you leave this life?  What do you want your legacy to look like?  What do you want to be remembered for?  Honestly answering these questions can also help you to determine what your true goals really are and how you will go about to achieve them.


Do you want a happy marriage with children?  Do you want to have a successful business where you help people improve their lives?  Do you want to use your God-given talent to make people’s lives better and/or happier?


By considering all of the information above, you can find out what your true goals really are and the best ways to go about reaching them.


Consider what really excites you, what skills you are proficient at, and what you want to do with your life before it ends to help you learn what your true goals are and how to go about reaching them in your life.


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