Habits of Top Entrepreneurs

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We all have entrepreneurial abilities but don’t always realize it or nourish it so here is a list of the top habits entrepreneurs have:

Invest in a coach or mentor. What better way to do what other entrepreneurs are doing than finding out what they do, how they do it then using it for your business. This will save you thousands of dollars as well as a lot of time.

Join a mastermind group. Networking with other like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs is the best way to learn about their tips and techniques as well as being up to date with what works now.

Take calculated risks. Entrepreneurship requires some amount of risk so be prepared to take risks but just make sure you do your research so it is a calculated risk which gives you a better opportunity to succeed.

Take care of your health. Being healthy when you are pushing your limits with entrepreneurship is critical for you to focus on to ensure your energy levels are high and you can handle challenges you will face up front.

Be picky about your circle of friends. It has been said that your worth is the average of the 10 people you spend the most time with so be sure to pick your circle of friends carefully and surround yourself with successful people who will challenge you to improve yourself.

Invest in your training. There are many online courses you can invest in to obtain the knowledge and skills you require. Be sure to research them carefully before making the investment but this will reduce the time it takes for you to learn the skills you require.

Choose your words wisely. Try to eliminate any negative words or words that represent failure in any way. Instead of failure, think of it as a learning experience. Ask yourself what can be learnt from this experience and you will set you mind on the right track to finding the solution.

Leverage your spare time. In the beginning, your working hours will not be normal so be prepared to leverage your spare time for this venture. Schedule your time where possible but, don’t forget to take a break now and then.

Don’t waste your time. Be sure to eliminate any activities that either waste your time or don’t contribute to the task at hand in any way.

Learn from other entrepreneurs. Take the time to do some research on other successful entrepreneurs to identify tips, tools, techniques and resources you can possibly use for your venture.

Brand yourself. Make sure you have a solid branding strategy. People identify with brands and if your strategy is clear and implemented, they will eventually start identifying with your brand which will give your business credibility and assist with relationship building.

Follow-up. It has been proven time and time again that it takes 7 different contacts with most prospects before they will buy from you. Make sure your follow-up strategy with prospective clients takes this into consideration.

Manage your list. While it is true that the money is in the list, it is in how you manage your list that determines your success. Merely having a large list of prospects does not guarantee you success but, how you manage your relationship with your list will.

Never, ever give up! Entrepreneurs get challenged day after day because they are pushing boundaries so be sure to stay focused, stay on track and do not give up. Your next decision or move could be what pushes you past the tipping point when it all starts to happen.


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