Find Your Passion & Drive & It All Falls Into Place

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Find your passion


Finding your passion is not only the secret to happiness but also the secret to success and to becoming the kind of inspiring, charismatic and magnetic person you’ve probably always wanted to be.


When I think about someone who is driven, passionate and motivated, my mind will often turn to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This is someone who has perhaps the best physique in Hollywood right now and looks like a real-life action hero. On top of that, he’s a guy who is one of the highest paid in the industry, who has already conquered the world of sports, who has become a social media mogul… who is even tipped to become president one day!


The power of passion


So, that’s a lot of achievement for one guy and when you follow him on Instagram or watch him on YouTube, it’s easy to see how he’s gotten to where he is. The Rock is simply brimming with passion and excitement at all times. He clearly absolutely loves what he does and you can see it even in his smile.


The Rock is highly charismatic, which is what makes him such a successful actor and so great to watch. But this charisma is a result of him loving what he does – it makes him walk differently, talk differently and gives him a full, genuine smile. Studies show that we rate people as more charismatic if they gesticulate more. And guess what makes you gesticulate more?


Passion. Passion makes us speak with our whole body because we truly believe what we’re saying and because we’re so excited to share that information.


And it’s undoubtedly that passion that also allows the Rock to wake up at 4.a.m in the morning to work out. If you follow him on Instagram, this is what a huge number of his pictures are showing: his alarm going off at 4.a.m before he hits the gym.


Can you imagine someone like the Rock coming home from a day at work and looking tired and defeated? He never does: because what he does is so intrinsically motivating to him.


The first thing you need to do then is to find that passion and find the thing that you really want to do. That’s what will give you the unstoppable iron determination to keep at your goals no matter what.


And finding your passion means being brutally honest with yourself. It means that you reject the things that other people want you to do. You forget the things that you believe you’re supposed to want to do and instead you focus on what you really want to do. Likewise, you need to think about what you’re going to enjoy working toward. It’s not enough to want the end result: you need to be happy putting in the work every day to get there too.


In other words, you can’t just want to get strong, you need to enjoy going to the gym. Don’t want to write a book, learn to love writing.


When you find the thing that really brings you to life, you’ll find it is MUCH easier to stick at it. In fact, you may well find that it is everything else that falls by the wayside!


How to Find the Drive, No Matter What


Find the drive


Another important tip is to always keep in mind the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing. Too often, we work toward a goal in a blind manner having forgotten the real reason we’re doing it. You know you want to get into shape and that means that you need to train for half an hour 4 times a week.


But you don’t keep that in mind during the actual training. Instead, you just hit the gym, grumble about it and then push your way through the grueling workouts.


What you need to do instead, is to focus your mind on the reason you’re training and to really feel the emotion that drove you to want it in the first place. This is where visualization can come in handy.


For instance, if it’s getting into shape that you’re interested in, then you need to think about why you want that and what it’s going to feel like for you to be in the shape you want to be in.


Many people want to be in great shape because they want to look and feel good about themselves. They want to fill out a suit, they want to attract members of the opposite sex (or same sex), they want to feel powerful and they want to wake up with tons of energy and vitality every morning.


To find the will to train, you need to remember that each workout is a stepping stone to that end destination. So close your eyes and picture it: picture being highly muscular, or lean. Picture looking great and turning heads for all the right reasons. Picture putting on a top and knowing it looks amazing on you.


You can also use visualization in other ways. One good one is to picture the alternative. Imagine what will happen if you keep putting your goals off. Maybe you end up working in the same dead-end job for the rest of your life. Maybe you get fat and flabby and lose all of the hard work you’ve already put into your physique.


I also like to encourage myself to see the situation as a challenge and I do this in a similar way by visualizing defeat. I imagine that I’m exhausted, depressed and far too crushed to train. And then I ask myself if I want to take that, or if I want to get up and kick ass. The more tired you are, the harder it is to work at your goals, the more ass you can kick!


Find your purpose and live a life of passion with a business you love and… you will never work a day in your life!




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