Facebook Page Tips

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Facebook page tips

With Facebook growing at an average of 17% year on year, it has become one of the most powerful online platforms for personal and business use. In short if you are not on Facebook, you are not online.

Here are some tips you can implement on your Facebook page to increase the number of followers and engagement.

Pinned Post

Facebook pinned post

I believe that having a pinned post on your Facebook Page is critical for new visitors to your page. This is an opportunity for you to make an impact and get a newfollower. Your pinned post can be a weekly competition where you post a code for people to bring in on a specific day/date for a discount or free desert etc. It could also just be your menu showcasing your specialities. Use your imagination but make sure you have a pinned post.

Facebook Check In

Facebook check in

People love showing their Facebook friends where they are so they often check in on Facebook and their followers are informed of this on their timelines. Place something in your restaurant, on the table, on your menu asking people to check in on Facebook. This puts your business in front of so many more potential customers.

Viral Video

Viral video image

Find a video on YouTube that is going viral and post it on your page. It does not have to be about your business but if it is going viral you could attract attention to your page. If you have the opportunity to take videos in your venue with a mobile phone of a special event, a birthday, a group of people having a great time then place that on your page as well. The people on that video will more than likely go to your Facebook page and share the video with their friends. Please make sure you ask the people in the video is they give you permission to post the video on your Facebook page.

Facebook Page URL

Facebook page url

Make sure your Facebook URL is prominent in your venue either on the menu, tables or on posters. This provides visitors to your venue with the opportunity to visit your page, like it and share it. Everyone carries a smart phone now days so you are certain to get more followers with this tip.

Business Cards

Business cards image

Have a container in your venue where visitors can place their business cards where you advertise that every week you will draw a business card/s for a 5%/10% discount on their next meal. You now also have their contact details and email address which you could possibly use to invite them to your Facebook page.

Tag A Friend

Facebook tag

When you post something on your Facebook page ask visitors to share and tag a friend. When they do that your message is spread to all their contacts bringing you more possible followers and potential customers.

Implement these tips on your page and start growing your following, friends and even potential clients.

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