Don’t Let Your Past Cloud Your Future

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Your past can cloud your future


We all have a past and some refer to it as baggage, I prefer to refer to it and experiences. It is only baggage if you carry it around with you in the present and into the future.


You have heard the saying “leave the past behind” and if you do, you can have a positive effect on your present which in turn affects your future.


Many people find this hard to do due to a few simple yet very important factors.


The best way to describe this would be to use an example. Let’s say you are working on a new idea, a dream or your passion. When you tell your colleagues, friends and even family, you will find those that will tell say you’re crazy, or it will never work, or you tried before and failed.


Getting past that is not too difficult because all you need to do is shut out the noise coming from those people and focus on your task at hand but… there is one very important and powerful force we tend to ignore and don’t take control of.


I am talking about your mind. Our minds are the most powerful resource available to us but, we don’t control it the way we should and can.


You see, your mind is like a massive filing system that takes all your experiences inclusive of what you see, hear and feel and files them for future use. When you come across an event or challenge your mind quickly references the filing system and pulls out anything related to that event or experience.


What your mind will not do is filter out any thought or feeling that does not serve you in the present situation. It will give you everything be it good or bad.


This is where you come in. you need to take control of the thoughts and feelings being presented and decide for yourself if they are true for you today. What happened then will not necessarily happen now unless you allow it to.


You have the power to decide what from the past serves you today and tomorrow. If you let your mind take over then prepare yourself for living in the past and never realising or achieving your dreams, your vision and ultimately your passion.


Paulo Coehlo quote


To take control of your thoughts and feelings you need to practice awareness. This means always being aware of what you are thinking, saying and doing then analysing id it serves you. If it does not serve you, then either ignore it or change it.


Now I am not telling you to analyse every single thought and feeling you have daily because that would be overwhelming. What I am recommending is that you analyse your thoughts and feelings when you are faced with a situation that makes you unhappy, anxious, nervous or preventing you from moving on.


Another way to look at it would be that most education systems and society teach you to live according to rules that keep you trapped in a box which is acceptable to society. To truly live your passion and purpose, you need to break out of that box and start living outside your comfort zone.


Living a life of fulfillment is not achieved by living in your comfort zone. Ask yourself this… If the zone is so comfortable then, why I do get anxious, nervous, unhappy and feel unfulfilled?


I guess you now see that the comfort zone is not that comfortable after all is it.


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


Start seeing your past as experiences that have taught you something. Work out what those experiences have taught you and this way, you control how they affect your present and ultimately your future.


I know what it is like to live in the comfort zone as I have been doing it for the last 27 years and only tried twice to live outside the comfort zone. The corporate world recently delivered me a blow that shook my foundations by spitting me out as it tends to do when you are no longer needed. You can read more about my career and life-changing event in this post.


The only way to get myself out of that downward spiral of anxiousness, worry and fear, I had to step outside my comfort zone and stay out for as long as it took for me to change my present and future life.


It took courage, strength and even stress to stay outside the comfort zone but, once I became accustomed to pushing the boundaries, it became second nature and I felt more fulfilled outside the comfort zone than I had ever felt inside it.


I went from being a number, a rat in the race, a hamster on the wheel to creating personal and financial freedom on my terms. I pushed the boundaries to levels I had never done before and what I discovered is that my mind, my past had put those boundaries up thinking it was protecting me.


What those boundaries did was prevent me from living a life of passion… a life of purpose and a life of fulfillment.


Would you like to break free from your “comfort zone”?


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