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To achieve our best work consistently and continuously, we have to have high levels of motivation.  High levels of motivation enable us to strive for excellence and to achieve our goals.  Without motivation, it’s much more difficult (if not impossible) to achieve the goals we want to achieve.


Virtually everyone suffers some drop in motivation from time to time depending on life’s circumstances that we face.  We have to move past these periods and get our motivation back up as quickly as possible.  Learn a simple tool to help you increase your motivation below.


Studies have shown that many people associate the color green with productivity and creativity.  When they see the color green, they are inspired by creativity, largely because they associate the color green with growth and renewal.


Therefore, if you are feeling down and less motivated, you need to get your motivation levels back up by seeing more objects that have green in them.  You may be asking, “Where do I go to see more green?”  The answer is, “outside.”  Head out into nature, take in some fresh air, and observe the greenery around you.


Walk around in a forest and/or on a hiking trail and observe all of the different types of trees and bushes that surround you.


Doing this activity will do a number of things for you to get your motivation level back up to where it needs to be to do your best work and to achieve your goals.


First, you will get up out of your chair and move around- that alone will get your blood pumping and your creative juices flowing.


Second, you’ll get fresh air, which will also help to refocus your mind on the tasks you need to accomplish.


Third, you will take a break from the tasks that you are dealing with, giving yourself a break and allowing you to come back upon them with a new perspective.


Fourth, you’ll see plenty of green around you, which will inspire you to redouble your efforts to completing the tasks and achieving the goals you want to achieve.


As you can see, when you have lowering levels of motivation, take a break, walk outside, and be among nature.  The green trees, plants, and shrubs will help to inspire your creativity, while the fresh air and exercise will help to reinvigorate your mind to take on the challenges you are facing.


By taking advantage of nature’s “green,” you can get your motivation levels back up to where you can do your best work consistently and achieve your goals.


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