3 Ways To Set Goals And Reach Them

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In order to become more productive and have better self-esteem about your ability, it is important to set goals and reach them.  This includes goals for the day, as well as longer-term goals that span several days, weeks, months, and even for the year.


The more goals you can successfully achieve, the greater your self-confidence and self-esteem will be, which will lead to you becoming even more productive.  Learn three ways of setting goals and reaching them below.


First, be sure to write your goals down.  This includes for the day, for the week, for the month, and even for the year (especially at the beginning of a new year).  Many people overlook the power that writing your goals down has.  Writing your goals down will enable you to look back at it and determine whether you are staying on track to achieving them or if you are falling behind.


If you just have a mental record of your goals, it’s much harder to keep yourself accountable because you may either forget your exact goals or you’ll just push them to the back of your mind if you do fall behind and not achieve them.


Second, be sure to set realistic goals.  Setting unrealistic goals with no chance of completing them within the given time frame will only discourage you in your ability to complete quality work within a given time frame, plus lower your self-esteem and self-confidence.


You want your focused, determined effort to be rewarded by achieving reachable goals each day, week, month, etc.  Putting down unattainable goals does not help you to become more productive and more capable of reaching challenging goals.


Third, be sure to set some goals that are challenging.  Only setting goals that are very easy to attain defeats the purpose of setting goals because you’ll keep achieving them and thinking that you are being so productive and effective at achieving your goals that when you come across a challenging task, you won’t have the skill set and focus needed to achieve it, fail to achieve it, and then be down on yourself because of your failure.


Life isn’t just made up of easy tasks; some of what life throws at you is hard and only determined, focused effort will lead to the results that you want to achieve.  Some of the goals you need to set have to be challenging enough to where you have to put in determined, focused effort in order to achieve those goals.


That’s how you grow as an individual to become more productive and capable of handling challenging tasks and achieving worthwhile goals that can dramatically improve your life.


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