3 Effective Strategies Every Business Should Implement

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Do you remember your first day as a business owner?  You were probably just like the rest of us… pretty darned happy and a bit on the proud side.  Back then we thought we could conquer the world.  Now we’re too busy conquering our own little corner of the world to pay a lot of attention to the rest of the world… unless it’s to learn a few tips from successful marketers who have made it big.

Tips just like these… that will apply to every market – regardless of the product or service – are great motivators to try something new.  You never know when the next idea will be worth a million dollars!

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Create  a Special Offer

A special offer is exactly that… an offer that is special.  Normally, customers would not be able to purchase this product or combination of products, and once the products are gone… sorry!

You don’t have to go out and order a bunch of new products to put together a special offer.  It doesn’t take a whole lot… just use what you’ve got.  Grab a few items that are related, group them together, discount the price, and your customers will be excited to be getting a good deal.  Think about it from your standpoint… you’ve sold three or four items rather than one. Combination offers are winning deals for everyone!

Address the Small Customer Groups

Niche markets are everywhere, right under your nose!  Within the customer audience that you serve right now are groups of people who share common traits.  Think about it… maybe you have a group who speaks Spanish, a group of teens, and a group of middle class family men and women.

Evaluate these classes of people, and discover the unique needs and desires they share.  That will set you up to customize your advertising campaign directly to them.  It’s not hard to take your current ads, and make a few changes to adjust to the niches.  They’ll be impressed that you understand THEM, and the increase in your profits will be the best thanks you can get.

Set Up a Winning Referral Program

Successful marketers develop the ability to turn their customers into advocates.  Often, they don’t even have to directly ask customers to refer them to others.  Their willingness to go the extra mile wins customer loyalty and support.  Naturally, satisfied customers refer their friends and family to the place that will take good care of them.

Quality service is the first step toward referrals, but you can easily take it one step further.  Studies show that every satisfied customer tells three people about you.  What would happen with a little incentive added to the picture?  Yeah, a lot more.  Give customers who refer friends a thank you – whether it’s a discount, special gift item, or a simple thank you card – and watch the referrals spiral!

You can get two birds with one stone by implementing customer surveys.  A few quick questions about what the customer does and doesn’t like about your product, followed by a request for the names and addresses of friends and family who would benefit from the product, and you’re all set to go with the contact information of a prospective customer!

3 Winning sales strategies you can’t market without

Attention-Getting Ads Get Results

grab attention

Think about it…how many advertisements do you hear every day…how about every hour?  Let’s face it, we’re bombarded with magazine ads, newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, and the Internet is plastered with ads on every site.  Not many of the astronomical number of advertisements stick with us, and make an impact.  How can you make your ad STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD?

Make a dramatic statement:  “Even my dog knows  ….”

Surprise them with the unexpected:  “Use for 30 days totally free…”

Ask a thought provoking question:  “Is your current insurance costing you hundreds of extra dollars every year?”

Use high impact headlines – it’s important to snag their attention right away.

Get Personal

How many times have you been caught in the cycle of automated phone services? You push 15 numbers and end up back at the main menu and never did talk to a sales rep.  People are hungry for personal interaction in the marketplace.  Look for ways to make your business a personal experience that your customers will appreciate.  Get to know something about the people who walk through your doors.  Let the people who visit your website know something about you. It’s easier to trust an individual than a huge impersonal company…and trust is crucial to building a pool of loyal customers.

Paint a Picture

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Ah, the end of a hectic week has finally arrived!  As I lock the doors on a still cluttered office, my mind wanders to the many things that will demand my attention this weekend.  I long to just escape the demanding voices…escape to the waters of the lake across town.

It would be like heaven to plop myself across the back seat of a boat, and watch the sea gulls dip and dive as the waves rock me peaceful to sleep. I can almost hear the sound of them splashing when the clang of metal alerts me to the fact that I’ve dropped my keys.

Put your customers on the boat.  Painting word pictures that capture their emotions will be more effective than the raw facts of the benefit your product offers. Describe what the benefits will do for them, vividly and in great detail…get them panting for the end result.  Paint your way to a sale!

Think about it…the strategies and tactics we’ve talked about deal with human emotions or behaviors, rather than your product itself.  When we affect the inner part of the customer, our sales are likely to see great results… and hey, they’ll feel good while they’re  writing out the check!  What more could you ask for?

You can find out more about Customer Service Best Practices in this article.

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