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Status quo


From the moment we start our journey on this earth, we are programmed unconsciously by others to fit into what society deems to be a normal life. We are raised to get a good education, build a respectable lifelong career, and work for someone for the remainder of our days.


That seems to be the norm in the majority of our lives but, that is normal, right?


This is how the education system and society condition us to think, act and be. But, that is fundamentally flawed!


This is not through any fault of yours so don’t beat yourself up by believing you have made wilful choices since your first day on earth because society has been working on you by sculpting the way you view the world, and dictating normal, acceptable ways of thinking, doing and being.


This is something you can’t avoid and believe me, neither did I as I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as a status quo as I was stuck in it.


Your parents likely had the biggest impact on you which included where you lived, where you went to school and, even what career you chose to follow. This was just the way they were brought up so, in turn, they used the same techniques on you believing they were doing the right thing.


I know my parents did the best they could and I am grateful to them for that but, what they didn’t realize is that they were limiting my choices to what they thought was acceptable which, in turn, squashed my ‘out of the box’ thinking and my creativity.


That Stops Now!


You can’t change history and you can’t roll back the clock on how you were brought up and the decisions you have made to date but, you most certainly can WAKE UP to the fact that what your life turns out to be from this point forward… IS IN YOUR CONTROL!


This is the wake-up call I got in June 2016 when I was dealt a career and life-changing blow that would shake to right down to my core.


The fact that you are reading this article should be an indication that you are having a similar wake-up call making you question why you should abide by the status quo.


I realize that at this point you may be thinking that you have to turn your life upside-down to make this change and at the time, I thought so too but, with the right education, resources, and support, I soon discovered that this is not the case.


I came to discover that there is no need to work 40, 50 or 60+ hours per week to provide for my loved ones which, I don’t have time to spend with due to the long hours and long weeks.


Can you see the irony in that? We work the majority of our lives to provide for our loved ones but… we fail to provide the MOST IMPORTANT thing being valuable time spent with our loved ones creating memorable moments.


What I discovered is that it was and is possible to start building personal and financial freedom around my job at the time then, scale it up to the point where a job was no longer required.


Personal and financial freedom is absolutely possible and once you have it all in place and running smoothly, you can literally work 2 hours per day and have the rest of your time to do the things that matter with the people that matter.


I am here to tell you that it is possible to renew yourself, live a life of fulfillment and to become self-reliant through an Internet Laptop Lifestyle.


Now you may be thinking I am talking about making money online but, that is not necessarily the case. I am talking about first identifying your passion, your purpose then, put an action plan in place to turn that into a business you love which, you can then take online to leverage the power of this digital age we live in and claim your share of the digital economy.


How would it feel like to bounce out of bed, full of energy and excitement to work on your own business that you love which, provides you with personal and financial freedom?


What would you do if you had an extra 4-6 hours per day to do whatever you wanted?


How would this benefit your loved ones and those near and dear to you?


Creating and growing an Internet lifestyle is absolutely possible for the average person even if you have no idea where to start. With the right education, tools, resources, and support, anyone can do it… if you want it badly enough!


To explain how you can actually change your life for good and build the lifestyle of your dreams, my mentors have created a 7-part exclusive video series that provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether this is the right vehicle for you to start your new journey.


You will come across many online opportunities offering you wealth overnight but, like I discovered in my first 3 months on investigating the digital economy, there is no silver bullet. Get rich quick DOES NOT EXIST!


If you are not doing what you love the right way, then you are bound to fail like 80%-90% of new businesses fail. With the education, you will have access to if you choose to take action, you will have everything you need to create the lifestyle of your dreams on your terms.


The objective is to empower you to build a lifestyle business and leverage the Internet to scale your business to a level where your income increases while the time you need to spend on your business decreases.


You don’t have to take my word for it. Claim your Free 7-Part Exclusive Video Series and discover for yourself what is possible in the Digital Economy.


You have nothing to lose but an hour or so watching the videos. At the least then you can say you made an informed decision and you will never question whether you perhaps let a golden opportunity go by.




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Best version of yourself


What is the thing that is most holding you back from being the best version of you?


You might be tempted to say something along the lines of ‘time’, ‘energy’, ‘money’ or ‘opportunity’. Perhaps you feel limited by other people?


I have a hunch, which is that a big part of what’s holding you back is your own sense of self. In other words: you might well be limited by your attachment to the ‘old you’ and by your eagerness to be seen as consistent and reliable.


Why Consistency is Over-Rated


We all have an attachment to who we think we are. We all have a notion of ourselves and of who others think we are as well. For example: you may see yourself as someone lighthearted who is never serious. Or perhaps you see yourself as being a local at heart, who supports the local sports team and who would never leave home.


We like the sense of continuity that this brings and other people like the fact that they know where they stand with us.


We don’t want to do something that is ‘out of character’ and we don’t want to go back on things we’ve said.


But is this really something you should cling to? Maybe your concept of ‘you’ is outdated?


Adaptability is Key


If the dinosaurs taught us one thing, it is that adaptability is the most important trait when it comes to surviving and thriving. If you can’t adapt, then the world will change around you and you will become an anachronism.


With that in mind, what benefit is there for you to actively refuse to adapt and grow?


Have you ever told someone the way you felt and then changed your mind… only to then feel that you can’t go back on what you said?


Have you ever wanted to dress differently, or take a sudden serious tone, but felt enormous pressure from people’s expectations of you?


This is a prison. And the irony is that it is a lie: the truest version of ‘you’ is simply the ‘you’ that you naturally want to be. The best way to be ‘you’ is to drop all expectations and simply act in the moment based on your emotions and your feelings.


And remember: biologically, there is no continuity. The person you are now is biologically completely different from the person you were even 10 years ago. Accept it and move on.



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Achieve your goals


The Most Important Question to Always Ask: Does it Help Me Achieve My Goals?


Why do so many people not get what they want out of life?


Why do so many people find themselves falling into jobs they don’t really want? Or living places that don’t make them happy? Or with lifestyles that they find stressful?


How does someone go from dreaming of being a rock star to being locked in an office to enter data onto a spreadsheet?


Well, there are many factors. But it usually starts by not clearly defining your goals or what you want. Because until you know exactly what it is you actually want, how can you possibly expect to get it?


That means it isn’t good enough to decide you want to be ‘rich’, you need to know what you want to do to become rich. What kind of work you enjoy, how many hours you’re willing to work etc.


Likewise, if you hope to become a rock star, then you might want to think about how you actually intend to make that happen. What does being a ‘rock star’ entail for you and how are you going to make it happen? What would you settle for?


And when you make all these decisions, you need to ensure that this is truly what you’re passionate about – that your intended goal is something that you enjoy thinking about, enjoy working on and can’t wait to make a reality.


The Simple Way to Make Decisions


The reason this is all so important is that it will then allow you to make all your future decisions that much more easily. This is going to act like your barometer and your road map, to help you to get to the end destination that you want.


Now, whenever you find yourself making a decision, the question to ask is: does it help you achieve your goals?


So for instance, if you’re umming and ahhing over buying an expensive piece of equipment, then the simplest way to decide if it is a good idea or not is to ask if it will help you to accomplish your goals.


Likewise, if you’re unsure about where to live, or whether you should take a particular job opportunity, ask whether the decision is going to take you nearer or further from your goals.


The problem with many people who aren’t quite sure what they want is that their objectives end up on a kind of back burner and that other things seem to start getting in the way.


But if you really want to achieve something amazing – if you have a dream business idea that you really want to make happen – then you need to make this your priority and you need to change the way you think about everything else.


And it shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice either. Because if you really love what you’re working toward then it will mean fully embracing the thing you really want to be doing anyway. You just need to find what that passion is…



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Unlock your full potential


Have you ever felt like you could be more? Like you could be better?


Many of us look to other people in our lives and in the media and feel that they somehow are ‘doing better’ at life than we are.


Maybe they always look impeccable. Maybe they’re incredibly wealthy. Maybe they have an attractive wife. Most likely they will command a room and tell amazing stories with incredible charisma and charm.


Meanwhile, we struggle to get out of bed in the morning and to shave before we leave for work!


How can you change?


Well dear reader, I’m here to tell you that the first step is probably not what you think it is. The chances are that until now, you may have been barking up the wrong tree!


Why? Because you probably don’t know exactly what it means to be the best version of you. What does it mean to unlock your true potential? How do you become successful?


Many of us will focus almost entirely on the superficial stuff. That means we’ll worry about how we look and how much money we’re making.


But that’s really not what being successful is all about. That’s not what unlocking your potential is all about.


Because not everyone even cares about being rich, or about having a big house or a flash car. If your main interest in life is art, then your idea of success might be very different from the conventional ‘American dream’.


And moreover, many people are very unsuccessful in those conventional senses while still somehow coming across as though they’re very successful and very accomplished.


So, what is it about this ideal ‘perfect person’? How can you learn from them and replicate their success?


This free report is going to look at what it means to be the ideal man – the alpha male and the ubermensch. The ‘homo universalis’. It will apply mostly to men, but there will be things to learn here for women too. So, read on!


What Does it Mean to be the Perfect Man?


When many of us think of the perfect man, what we are really thinking of is the alpha male. This is the person who can walk into a room and command attention with their charisma, their charm and their confidence. This is the person that other men look up to and it is the person that women want to be with.


They tend to look great and they have a real sense of purpose and appeal – even though it might not be easy to put your finger on exactly what it is about them that gives them that magnetism.


Now, there is a movement that is getting somewhat close to identifying precisely what this is. That movement is the pick-up artist movement. These are people who have attempted to ‘hack’ how they can send off the right signals to make themselves more appealing and confident. They have done this successfully for the most part but they are also missing some crucial elements…


So how are they doing this? Essentially, they are communicating to women and other men that they are superior in an evolutionary sense: that they are good genetic stock.


Ultimately, this is what our psychology boils down to. Remember, we evolved in the wild by developing traits that helped us to survive. These traits include psychological traits that make us more appealing to the opposite sex and help us to make the right choices when looking for potential mates of our own.


Women have evolved to look for men that will be able to provide for them and their offspring and that will provide good genetic material.


How do women look for this? Largely it means looking for signs of physical strength, attractiveness (which correlates with genetic health, as well as access to resources) and intelligence. It also means looking for signs of status and wealth.


You might look at yourself and think that you have none of these things. Fortunately, a pick-up artist can tell you how to ‘fake it’ and the answer is that you need to act as though you are number one.


How do you do this? According to those pick-up artists the answer is to walk up to women in bars and act incredibly cocky and assertive. You will even put them down in a playful way and tease them. And you’ll dress in a way that is loud and even quite strange.


What does all this do? It sends a powerful signal that you must be superior to them in terms of status and genetic material. The simple notion here is that if you are confident enough to wear strange clothes, then there must be something about you that makes you that confident.


Likewise, if you are willing to playfully tease a woman you’re attracted to, it suggests that you aren’t intimidated by them. And if they are a little hurt by your put-down, then they might also view themselves as being slightly less high up the food chain.


In many cases this works. And while it might seem cruel and cynical, the reality is that it is actually more honest. How often do you hear a guy complain that they are ‘the nice guy’ who always ends up as friends? Or who is always put down?


The problem is that the guy is not really the nice guy. The guy wants the exact same thing but they are simply going about it in a way that is slightly more clingy and slightly more creapish. They are flattering and doting and needy and this is just as cynical while also being rather unappealing to women. Women do not want a guy who mopes or who is too shy and too needy to stand up to them!


And this is the same thing that applies in other settings like your career and your non-romantic relationships. You want your friends to turn to you as the alpha male of the pack? As the leader? Then you can’t be clingy and needy. You can’t send the signals that you’re desperate for their attention.


This is exactly what a lot of guys do though. Too many people want to be seen as ‘cool’ so they will change something about themselves and act in a certain way such that they will be impressive to their friends. They try to fit in or to brag.


Not only does this communicate a complete lack of social awareness but it also sends that signal again that you are beta. You are trying to please them, thus you are beta.


And if you’re always just trying to please other people, if you’re always trying to fit in and be liked and fit a mold, then you’re not going to unlock your full potential. You’ll end up acting in ways you don’t want to, pursuing things you don’t care about and coming across a weak as a result.


Apart from anything else, going after the things that you are interested in. Being the person that you want to be – that is what creates emotional congruence. People can see that you really care about what you’re saying. That you really believe in what you’re doing. This will even come across in your gesticulations and in the way you present yourself.


Being the ‘Nice but Confident Guy’


The problem is that the pickup artists haven’t entirely cracked the code to becoming alpha. The biggest problem they have is that they are… being assholes. A lot of women do not respond well to put downs and they can often see through the whole ‘pea-cocking’ approach. And when you see through this, it becomes wholly unattractive and clearly just as cynical and seedy as being the ‘clingy nice guy’.


What you need to do then is to become the best of both worlds. How? You drop the agenda. You do what your Mum always told you and you just be yourself but you do it in a way that is confident.


When women go for ‘bad guys’ they aren’t really going for bad guys. They just want a confident guy and often those guys are unfortunately bad as well.


So, what you would do instead is to walk into a bar and just smile at people. That says ‘I’m friendly and I’m interested in you’. If they smile back, go over and say hello. Chat to them but also chat with their friends – this will also demonstrate that you’re social and that you can get on well with the people they spend time with. That’s highly attractive.


Likewise, speaking to a woman’s friends and not just her will make you appear less like your only objective is to get into her pants. And as an added bonus, it will bring out her natural competitiveness as she’ll want to prove she is the most appealing.


This works well because when you have truly bulletproof confidence there is no reason not to be nice. You have nothing to prove, nothing to hide – you can just be yourself.


The same goes for every other aspect of your life. When you stop trying to impress others and focus on yourself, you become unstoppable and you become incredibly inspiring.


The biggest and most important part of this is to find your true passion and your calling. Instead of living the life that is expected of you, look deeper and find what it is that you really care about, what really gets you animated. When you manage this, you will give off immense confidence because you will know what matters to you and you’ll be less concerned with trying to impress others.


If you know that your life’s calling is to become a great swimmer and you are a great swimmer, then your confidence becomes unshakable. It doesn’t matter if someone calls you short and you have no reason to worry when speaking up in a group. You know what’s important to you, you know what matters in life!


And when you talk about the thing that you are passionate about, you’ll find that you come alive. Did you know that people rate others as more charismatic when they gesticulate more? And did you know that we tend to gesticulate the most when we are truly passionate about what we’re saying? That’s because this creates congruence. Now we believe truly in what we’re saying our body will back that up. When you’re pretending to be someone you’re not or talking about something you don’t really care about, you communicate that unconsciously with your own body.


Developing Yourself


So, to unlock your true potential, all you really need to do is to start looking inward. You need to stop looking to others for approval and instead to focus on the things that matter to you and on who you really are, what you really want and how you can become the best version of yourself.


The first thing this involves is to find that true purpose.


At the same time, you also need to practice not being concerned with what others think. This is something that won’t come easily overnight – it requires practice and patience. One of the best ways to get to that point though is to simply practice being yourself and to subject yourself to situations where you need to do things that make you uncomfortable.


One of the best ways to do that of all? Take a stand-up comedy class! When you do this, you will be forced to get outside your comfort zone in front of a large audience and to put yourself out on a limb. This takes a huge amount of confidence and you should find that you quickly build resilience as a result. You stop worrying about what others think!


Likewise, striking up conversations with strangers and just focusing on what you think rather than trying to please everyone is what will really help you to grow and to lose your inhibitions and your lack of esteem.


When you do this, you will be one step closer to unlocking your true potential. And then everything will change…


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No more weekends


Now there is an announcement that would create global panic if it was ever to be made. Can you imagine what it would be like to not have a weekend again?


Allow me to put a different twist on that. Can you imagine what it would be like to not look forward to the weekend because… every day felt like a weekend?


No, I am not smoking wacky weed but, before I get into clarifying the last statement let me first address this first statement.


We start off our journey of education looking forward to weekends to get away from that boring, hard school work. From there we progress to tertiary education to do exactly the same and finally, yes you guessed it, we do the same in our working life.


The Challange Of Living A Balanced Life


How many times have you seen posts on social media such as ‘Not Monday again’ with a sad emoji and then towards the end of the week we see ‘Hey, Hey It’s Friday’ with a smiley emoji?


We all attempt to live a balanced life, dividing our time between work, family, health, and friends but sadly, very few achieve the balanced they deserve and seek.


Lady panicking


Our parents, the education system and finally society, dictate to us that we should put our focus on money and working because, in their view, that is how you make a living. What if I told you that was total and absolute nonsense.


Think of it this way, we spend up to 12 years in school from Monday to Friday and then sports on weekends. Then we go to varsity and spend even more time studying only to get a job/career where we work 5-6 days a week to ‘make a living’.


That is not making a living, that is existing. We were not brought onto this earth to exist. We were brought onto this earth for a purpose and identifying that purpose is what will set you free from the 9 to 5 hamster wheel mentality that we have been programmed to believe is the way of life.


Where is the balance when most of your time is spent studying and working? How much time do you have left for your family, your health, your friends and maintaining your personal integrity?


Living A Balanced Life Is Possible


How do you live a balanced, fulfilled life if you are not spending equal time between work, family, health, and friends?


That may seem like an impossibility in today’s society but, it is absolutely possible to break free from the chains we unconsciously allowed our peers to put us in.


Break free


I can hear you saying… how do I provide for my family if I do not commit that time to my work or career? How will I enjoy spending time with my friends when I can’t afford to?


That is where the digital economy comes into play. I have been in the chains of the corporate world for 27 years and after experiencing a career and life-changing event in 2016, I decided it was time to break free and start living a life of purpose.


It was just a matter of identifying my purpose and my passion then create an action plan that would allow me to use the power of the digital economy to automate and scale my business which, allowed me more time to do the things that truly matter in life.


If you look at it as work, family, health, and friends being pillars for your home, how strong do you think it would be if one of those pillars (work) had all the attention in terms of construction while the other three (family, health and friends) received very little attention?


I am sure you would agree that at some point, the entire construction would collapse, inclusive of the pillar that represents work. Well, this is a fact of life if you don’t have balance. You can literally lose everything.


I have found personal and financial freedom in starting and growing a business, I love then, using the digital economy to scale it up in order to improve my level of success while at the same time, not sacrificing any additional time.


Once it is all setup and running correctly with the right tools, resources, and support, you only need a couple of hours a day to maintain it.


My work day consists of 2-3 hours doing what I love (my business) and the remainder of the day I can do whatever I feel like. This is living a life of purpose, living a balanced life… a meaningful life.


To me, every day is a weekend. I do not have to wait for weekends to spend time on my health, with family and friends. I do that every day as I have more than enough time to ensure all my pillars are balanced.


The digital economy provides the average person with the opportunity to live the lifestyle of their dreams and with the right education, tools, resources and expert support… you too can achieve a balanced lifestyle doing something you Love!


If you would like to discover the world-class education I undertook, the tools and resources I use as well as get access to the expert support provided through training and coaching, then click here and you may just find the key to unlock your chains.


Why live for the weekend when every day can be a weekend? Your decisions shape your destiny, not those of society so… take your destiny into your own hands and design the lifestyle of your dreams… on your terms!


Informed decision



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