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In order to do our best work consistently and to achieve the goals and success we want to achieve, we have to be able to push through the challenges and difficulties that life presents to us.  Sometimes, this can wear us down to where we are not as eager to do the things we need to do in order to achieve the goals and success we want to achieve.


We need to keep our motivation high in order to more easily achieve the goals we want to achieve, and, sometimes, inspiration can help us to gain the motivation that we need to succeed.  Learn more about how motivation and inspiration can help you to achieve success below.


Motivation is the drive for us to succeed.  It is what causes us to do the things that we do.  For instance, if you are motivated to have a clean, healthy environment for yourself, your family, and for future generations, you will be driven to do everything possible to protect and preserve the environment.


This means you will want to recycle everything possible and ensure you are not dumping any waste into the waterways when you are camping or burning any toxic materials when you are outside, etc.  However, it can be hard to stay motivated if you hear companies are continuing to pollute the air in the name of higher profits and continue to bypass the laws intended to protect the environment; you may even think, “what does it matter if I do my part when other people aren’t?”


This can cause you to cut back on your own conservation efforts.


Inspiration is when someone else does a noteworthy action that lifts your spirit and willpower to do greater things yourself.  For instance, you could be inspired by a young child suffering from a terminal or debilitating disease or condition, yet never complains and tries to do his/her part to make the world a better place.


It could be taking out his/her own garbage or going around the neighborhood collecting cans and other material that can be recycled.  Seeing such a person who is dealing with greater challenges than you are, yet is continuing to do his/her part to help the environment can help to inspire you to raise your efforts to preserve the environment, even when it seems your efforts are going for naught.


As you can see, motivation is the drive for us to succeed, while inspiration is lifting our spirit and willpower up (and, in turn, our motivation) when someone else does a remarkable action.  Oftentimes, that person is dealing with extraordinary challenges, often more than our own, yet doesn’t complain or make excuses, but continues to perform tasks to achieve a great goal, one that often resonates with us.


Motivation and inspiration can help to empower us to achieve our best work consistently and to achieve our goals.


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Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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Having and keeping motivation is key for anyone to achieve success on a consistent basis.  Motivation is similar to the fuel that powers our vehicles to get us where we know to go; just as with that fuel, motivation is what enables us to get where we want to go in terms of goals and success.


Learn more about why motivation is so critical for achieving success below.


As mentioned above, motivation is similar to the fuel that powers our automobiles and other vehicles to get us where we want to go.  Similarly, motivation is what keeps us going when we have a lot of tasks and challenges that stand in our way to achieving the goals we set.


It can be very easy to let ourselves be slowed down and even stopped by challenges along the way if we allow them to.  Motivation is the “fuel” that keeps us going; it’s what we need to push through those challenges and achieve the goals we want to achieve.


Just as an automobile will slow down and stop when it runs out of fuel, you will slow down and stop if your motivation gets low and runs out.  If you become depressed and distraught over your situation, you will feel less motivated to do the tasks that are required to reach your goals.


This is why it is vital to keep your motivation high to enable you to more easily complete your tasks and reach your goals.


While everyone’s motivation does drop from time to time depending on various circumstances, it’s important to get it back up as quickly as possible.  Whether it’s through your own “pick-me-up” efforts, talking to loved ones about your situation, seeing a professional to overcome any challenges or issues you are facing, etc., you need to work to get your motivation back up as quickly as possible.


Otherwise, your ability to do quality work consistently will be diminished, and it will be harder to complete the tasks you need to reach to achieve your goals.  It will be similar to getting a car to its destination when it runs out of gas- you have to push it forward, and pushing a heavy car by yourself to its destination is a task that is virtually impossible.


As you can see, motivation is key to achieving your goals and having success in your life.  Without motivation, you will have a much harder time achieving them, much like an automobile going to a destination without fuel.


It’s important to keep your motivation level high at all times and get it back up if/when it does dip- motivation is the “fuel” you need to achieve your goals and have the best success possible in your life.


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Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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Motivation is a key factor in how successful people have become successful.  In many instances, it was a key decision they made at a key moment that helped to get them on their way to becoming the success they are today or were in the past.


We will look more at how motivation is a powerful factor for successful people below.


When people have strong motivation toward a purpose or goal, they often are able to do great things that seem to be impossible in the eyes of other people.  This can be attributed to some of the great inventions of the day, whether it was the light bulb, the telephone, or the airplane in the past to the Internet, smartphone, and smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices of recent times.


The creators had a strong motivation to make the world a better place and make things easier for people.


In most cases, people who create great inventions, devices, etc. aren’t doing it for the money or for the fame they can receive.  Sure, they get those things as a consequence of creating this great invention or device, but the motivation to create the invention or device came from an innate desire to see other people’s lives improve and to make the world a better, more efficient place.


The smartphone has enabled people to stay in touch with each other more easily, while its abilities combined with the Internet’s has enabled people to be more informed about the world around them as it happens.


When it comes to IoT devices, people can now adjust the amount of air conditioning or heating that occurs while they are away from their homes, enabling them to have a more comfortable living space while also saving on their utility bills.


In addition, people who are motivated to help others and succeed often are willing to take an action that is considered a “risk” by others who are not as motivated or driven to succeed.


Whereas the latter would be scared off by making such a move, those who are driven to succeed will take the initiative and risk to perform that action, believing in their innate ability to turn it into something positive.


It doesn’t always work out- sometimes, the idea or invention fails- but the fact they don’t limit themselves out of fear or doubt is why they keep taking calculated risks and why they eventually win in business and life in the end.


Mastering the greatness within


Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur


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The law of attraction is very powerful and combined with that, is the fact that thoughts become things.  It is something that can do wonders for many people. There are going to be ways to achieve your goals and not have to worry about limits that can hold you back.


Mastering your thoughts in life is going to be the most powerful skill you could have in creating the life of your dreams by setting and achieving life goals.   You want to achieve all of your goals and make the most of your life.


With this in mind, you will be able to create the life that you knew was possible without having to create a different life or work too hard to make them happen.


Think about the goals that you have in life. You can make long-term and short-term goals for yourself. Once you have these set in place you will be able to think about the ways that you need to go about getting them achieved.


What is important is that you do not need to focus on all the details of exactly how you will achieve those goals. Your focus should be entirely on the end result.


From that point, you then break down your goals into smaller actions (mini-goals) you can take daily to work towards your required end result. Daily actions will provide you with the motivation you need to keep going as you will be showing progress daily.


You will find that as you progress day by day, the details of how you will achieve these goals will be revealed to you because of the fact that you are taking action in the direction of your goals.


Too many people get stuck in trying to work out the details of how they will achieve their goals and in time, they end up quitting and that is not where you want to be.


By maintaining your focus on the end result while taking your daily action steps, you will stay motivated to keep going to the end. What is critical is that each day you take at least one step towards your goal no matter how small it may seem.


Put your plan down on paper and be ready to take the necessary steps to meet the challenge of achieving your goals.  Wasting time is going to be the worst thing that you can do for your own personal goals.


You need to be sure that you are working towards the life that you deserve.  Be ready for the new life and to feel good about yourself.  It is going to be worth the time and effort that you are putting into this project.


Believing in yourself and being able to make things happen in the way that you want them to is very important if you are to live the life of your dreams. You will be surprised at the amount of happiness you will achieve when you are putting these principles into action.


You are going to be happier and ready to take on more goals as you go.  Once you start working to achieve your personal goals you will feel better about whom you are and all the things that you have planned out for your life.


I have compiled a questionnaire to help you determine how close you are to living the life of your dreams which is based on years of research and development and forms part of one of the world’s best personal development programs.


You can complete the questionnaire here. It is quick and easy but you will know exactly where you are in your journey and what areas of your life require attention to help you secure the life of your dreams.


You will receive detailed guidance on what areas of your life require attention along with what you can do to make these improvements.


Don’t allow your dreams to become a wish by not taking action. Complete the questionnaire today and make your dreams a reality.


Mastering the greatness within


Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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Personal development


Virtually everyone wants to achieve greatness, whether it is something monumental that changes the world or just being the best person he/she can be and positively impacting the lives of the people he/she cares about.  However, achieving greatness isn’t easy, and it doesn’t come overnight.


Learn how making mistakes can help you to achieve the greatness you are capable of.


You may be thinking, “How does making mistakes help me to achieve greatness?  Mistakes are usually considered bad or undesirable; how can that lead to greatness?”


Mistakes are often considered bad or undesirable by most, but most also realize that they are virtually unavoidable; we are only human, after all, and human beings do make mistakes from time to time- no one is perfect.


When mistakes do occur, you need to learn why the mistake occurred and how to prevent it or similar mistakes from happening in the future.  Then, the mistake is worthwhile and can actually help you to achieve greatness.


This is because you know what you need to do to avoid such a mistake, thereby leading you to perform the actions you need to take in order to achieve your best work and to achieve the greatness you are capable of.


Mistakes are truly bad or undesirable when we repeat the same or similar mistakes over and over again, as we don’t learn from them.  As the old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”


This saying refers to the fact that mistakes are not the bad or undesirable element most make it out to be when we actually learn why it is a mistake and how it occurred so that we can avoid it in the future.  This is how mistakes can help you to achieve greatness.


Therefore, you should not see mistakes as something bad or undesirable, so long as you learn from the experience the first time a mistake occurs so that you can keep the same or similar mistakes from occurring again.


Take note of what the mistake is and how it occurred so that you can learn how to take actions necessary to keep the mistake from occurring again.  By learning the actions and skills necessary to prevent such a mistake from occurring again in the future, you are taking positive actions that improve your skill set and help you to achieve the greatness you are capable of achieving.


Mastering the greatness within


Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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Personal development


In our difficult economic climate today, many people are concerned about their wealth.  Specifically, they are worried about how much money they have now, and if they’ll have enough money when they reach retirement.  Some people are struggling to the extent that they are living paycheck to paycheck.


Some people don’t even have a full-time job, either being unemployed or underemployed to where they have to take a position that may have nothing to do with their skill and/or education level and/or a position where they are actually qualified to do much more, but with no such position available.


One way that you can boost your own wealth is by altering your habits.  We will look at two common habits many people have below and how altering them can boost your wealth.


One common habit that many people do that drains their wealth is running water when it’s not necessary.  For example, when many people are brushing their teeth, they’ll run the water throughout the whole procedure of brushing their teeth.


In truth, this is not necessary, as virtually everyone is not using water the whole time while they are brushing their teeth.  The same also holds true for many guys who shave; they will also often run the faucet the entire time while they are shaving when it is not necessary to shave well.


Not only are you causing your utility bill to rise and your wealth to fall, but you are also not being environmentally responsible, as we only have a limited amount of water on Earth- it is not unlimited, and some places on the planet have very limited access to it.


When many people do grocery shopping, they are often under the impression that they must buy name-brand (or national brand) products that cost higher than the same products that only have a private label or generic name on them because those name-brand products are better.


Studies have shown that in most cases, the private label or generic name product is as good or even better than the name-brand or national brand product.  Yet, some people are convinced that the name-brand or national brand product must be superior because it has such a name, it’s advertised more often on television, radio, online, etc., and it’s in more colourful or elaborate packaging, etc.


If you overcome this habit of thinking that name-brand products must be better, you can save yourself more money and boost your wealth by getting quality products that are as good or better for less.


Mastering the greatness within


Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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Personal development


Being motivated is key to doing your best work and achieving the most out of life.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to stay motivated for a variety of reasons- life’s hardships, unexpected circumstances that occur, feeling rundown or depressed- all of these factors and more can weaken your motivation to where you don’t feel like pressing harder and accomplishing more.


Learn five simple techniques to staying motivated below so you can overcome these obstacles and keep your motivation high.


The first technique is getting enough rest.  You may wonder how rest helps you to stay motivated, but if you think about it, you know that rest helps you to be calmer and to handle life’s challenges more easily.


When you are rundown and tired, even the most minor mistakes or mishaps can anger you to the point where you yell and/or lose focus on more important things.  Therefore, be sure to get enough rest.


The second technique is taking breaks throughout the day.  Many people think they have to work throughout the day to be considered a hard worker but to remain focused so you can do your best work throughout the day, you need to take regular breaks- it’s usually recommended 15 minutes every hour.


The third technique is doing an activity that you enjoy each day.  Depriving yourself of something you like to do is not going to help you to stay motivated to do your best work.  Therefore, take a few minutes or more to do something you enjoy each day.


This can range from doing exercise, yoga, and/or weight lifting to reading a good book, playing a mobile game you enjoy, or talking to someone on the phone or via social media.


The fourth technique is ensuring that what you are doing aligns with your goals and beliefs.  If you believe strongly in preserving the environment, but the company you work for does not, you may have a hard time staying motivated to work hard for this company.


Finding another company in the same or similar field but believes in protecting the environment could help you to stay motivated in doing your best work.


The fifth technique is regularly talking with others, whether it be family, friends, etc.  We all feel our motivation slip from time to time; what helps to bring it back up is talking to others about any issues or concerns we have, as we can get ideas and support from others to pick our motivation back up.


By doing this on a regular basis, we can help each other to stay motivated and do our best work continuously.


Mastering the greatness within


Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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Personal development


In order to become more productive and have better self-esteem about your ability, it is important to set goals and reach them.  This includes goals for the day, as well as longer-term goals that span several days, weeks, months, and even for the year.


The more goals you can successfully achieve, the greater your self-confidence and self-esteem will be, which will lead to you becoming even more productive.  Learn three ways of setting goals and reaching them below.


First, be sure to write your goals down.  This includes for the day, for the week, for the month, and even for the year (especially at the beginning of a new year).  Many people overlook the power that writing your goals down has.  Writing your goals down will enable you to look back at it and determine whether you are staying on track to achieving them or if you are falling behind.


If you just have a mental record of your goals, it’s much harder to keep yourself accountable because you may either forget your exact goals or you’ll just push them to the back of your mind if you do fall behind and not achieve them.


Second, be sure to set realistic goals.  Setting unrealistic goals with no chance of completing them within the given time frame will only discourage you in your ability to complete quality work within a given time frame, plus lower your self-esteem and self-confidence.


You want your focused, determined effort to be rewarded by achieving reachable goals each day, week, month, etc.  Putting down unattainable goals does not help you to become more productive and more capable of reaching challenging goals.


Third, be sure to set some goals that are challenging.  Only setting goals that are very easy to attain defeats the purpose of setting goals because you’ll keep achieving them and thinking that you are being so productive and effective at achieving your goals that when you come across a challenging task, you won’t have the skill set and focus needed to achieve it, fail to achieve it, and then be down on yourself because of your failure.


Life isn’t just made up of easy tasks; some of what life throws at you is hard and only determined, focused effort will lead to the results that you want to achieve.  Some of the goals you need to set have to be challenging enough to where you have to put in determined, focused effort in order to achieve those goals.


That’s how you grow as an individual to become more productive and capable of handling challenging tasks and achieving worthwhile goals that can dramatically improve your life.


Mastering the greatness within


Carlos Batista Destiny Entrepreneur



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